Sick of cookies? A WTMD post.

Ha!  I shortened my what this mom does.  Quicker.  Anyway, Brody and I baked a load of sugar cookies back around Halloween and we still have a large ziplock full of them in the freezer (we even gave some out!).  My mom gave me some old holiday cookie cutters from my childhood while I visited them for Thanksgiving so I figured they had to be put to use, even though none of us are going to be baking sugar cookies anytime soon.

So I made some homemade play-doh and let him loose with that and the cookie cutters.  Although his favorite was the cookie pan from last year.  I kid you not this kept him busy and (relatively) quiet for a few hours!  The next day we did the same thing.  My once pretty red and green (festive, of course) play-doh is now a nasty shade of brown but hey- he had fun!  Now if only H could've joined in the fun.  But the babe cannot be trusted with the stuff.

I wrote a post recently that spawned from a rather busy day I had.  It was a Monday.  I use Monday's to get everything done I wasn't able to over the long weekend with everyone home.  That particular Monday, I got so busy I kept spouting out excuses of why I couldn't play.  I kept promising I would, then I would remember something else I wanted/needed to do.  I knew it wasn't my best day as a mom- I focused a lot on me and my chores...but what I didn't realize until I was cleaning up dinner dishes was how much it meant to Brody.  How much he wanted some of my time.

He excitedly called out, "MOM!  I finished ALL my vegetables!"  I turned around at the sink to say "GOOD JOB Brody!" as he walked to the bathroom to get his hands washed.  That's when he got a sad face, started crying, and sadly said to dad.. "Mommy didn't play with me!"

It broke my heart.  That one day was wasted.  I made excuses and focused on me and what I had to do.  I told my mom on our Thanksgiving trip to visit them, "I could really just clean for the rest of my life until I die and not take a break!  There's SO much to do!  And imagine when I have more kids- more messes...I literally can miss my children growing up- I could miss everything!"  That's when my mom recited this.  It was perfect- as if it came from me because it was exactly how I felt.  I'm done caring so much about every little crumb on the kitchen floor or every piece of unwashed clothes.  LIFE isn't about being 100% tidy.  If I'm spending the bulk of my time with my kids, I'm fulfilled.  So yes, I put the dishes off that day and spent it with my family.  I need to do more of that.

Speaking of that poem, there's a poetry contest going on (fiction and essay too); that I was asked to spread the word about.  Go here to read more (deadline is December 31st).