Felt Christmas Garlands + cocoa idea

I had a bunch of red and white & green felt and wanted to do something with it for Christmas but was trying to decide what.  Then I came upon an idea I thought I would share!  I love this garland.
By the way, that bear in the picture is from 1986, my 2nd Christmas.  I love it.  I decided to display it leaned on my JOY letters since it's string broke off and I can't hang it on the tree.
Here's how I did it.  I made it more simply than the project I found:
Cut 1'' strips of felt in two colors::line up two pieces of different color and cut 2'' slits in them starting 3/4'' down (you'll end up with four slits per if you buy the sheets of felt at Michael's)::hold it vertically and take the top and flip it inside the first slit.  Do that to the rest of the slits::hot glue the ends together for a garland your desired length!
(sorry about the cell phone pictures)
I had a sheet of red left over from this one and TONS of green from the monthly shoots I would do with Hyrum.  I decided it HAD to be made into another garland.  I'll share that one later!  Felt is so great right?
I'm truly obsessed.

This time of year I drink this stuff like you wouldn't believe.  I was spooning in some cool whip to my hot chocolate one night when I thought:  I bet I can make shapes out of this stuff!  It was a little tricky- because it melts so fast (it was fine in the hot chocolate- it melted on my plate!) but I liked the end result.  As I was doing this I thought homemade marshmallow shapes might be better even- but not everyone has a husband who likes marshmallows, right mom?  I plan on making Tony some later and surprising him with his own heart.  I can practically hear his "awww" now.  haha.  It's the little things, right?  I think a star would be cute for this time of year too.
Line the base of pan with parchment and scoop the cool whip in evenly, thick enough but not too thick::pop it in the freezer 'til it's completely frozen (about an hour)::cut around the edges of the pan, lift the parchment out and set on a CHILLED plate::Cut out shapes, place on another CHILLED plate::freeze for later or add to hot chocolate! (or skip the last two, cut them out and put directly in hot chocolate.  I think stars in hot chocolate this time of year would be cute too.  The possibilities are endless, really.  My heart actually stayed in shape for a while too.
(Since my cut out & transfer plates weren't chilled they started to melt on the bottom but I was able to use toothpicks to pick up the shape and add it cleanly to my hot chocolate.  Although I had to practice a time or two to get it looking decent.)
A big THANKS to all who entered my giveaway!  If you didn't win I will have more!  Winners announced at bottom- I contacted them already!


Carlie said…
Yum! I want some hot chocolate with marshamallows and whip cream stat!
mandyface said…
I totally tried this craft a few months ago and yours is way cuter than mine! I'm craft deficient though, so I think most people could rock this. Also, marshmallows may just be the best invention on planet earth.
Kate said…
Yum yum yum at that hot cocoa, Thanks for sharing that idea! Makes for a cute photo!

& that felt idea is awesome!

In our sea of love
Unknown said…
what a goood idea!
A+J said…
You are making me crave hot chocolate like crazy. Come and share your happy list with me? :)
Venassa said…
Mmm I'd love to try those whipped cream hearts. They would be so fun for kids too.
Monique said…
The garland turned out great! I wish I were as successfully crafty as you. I was drinking cocoa as I read this post, too. Yours looked quite a bit better than mine - I had a delicious exploding marshmallow incident :)
Unknown said…
These are both such cute ideas!
wholesouls2 said…
Yes, not everyone has a husband who likes marshmellows, and mine doesn't even enjoy hot chocolate, but I do and always have! There is just something missing in December without hot chocolate! This is a way cute idea. Since you used the cookie cutters, I just bought little ones of a tree, star, gingerbread boy and candy cane. I may try this for Mike and Arely and Perris and Elyse! If I do, I will try to blog. I am also going to make the hot chocolate from scratch. It is way better that way! Love, Mother
ConnieB said…
What? Dad doesn't like hot chocolate either now! Craziness. I'd love to see the shapes you come up with mom!
Loved these ideas so much, we shared it on our Page on Facebook...come by and say hi! :)

sharon said…
I love this idea! So smart! I am going to include a picture and a link to this post in today's post over at www.momof6.com about "Dreamin' of a Snow Day".
Thanks for sharing this great idea!
Anonymous said…
I need to make these ahead has anyone tried storing the cutouts in a ziplock baggie or rubbermaid container ahead of time? How many days ahead would you suggest making them? Thanks for any all input.
samreen said…
the Garlandsare fablous, thanks for sharing such beautiful garlands