Hyrum - 11 months

This months picture inspired by Halloween and that costume I found in our costume bucket.  Gorjilla!  (Godzilla)  Why do we even have a costume bucket?  It's not like we reuse costumes each year.  Then again I just did so never mind.  

My child is 11 months today!  E-L-E-V-E-N!
At 11 months he...
::Has four teeth!  His two front teeth came in in the last month!
::Is in 2 nap-limbo and it's driving me crazy!  He sometimes wants one- sometimes two- and it's never around the same times.  So I don't have a "schedule" and it's so not me.  He's also decided to wake up 4 times a night, and I end up nursing him once or twice in there too.  I don't mind- I figure he's teething & it helps him.
::he's a tiny kid.  He still fits comfortably in his carrier which is nice because we haven't had to buy a new car seat; but it's weird to me too.  Brody was too big for it at 6 months so this is new.
::taking steps here and there but hasn't started walking.  I'm in no hurry for this!
::destroys everything he gets his hands on (my iphone charger, books, & pulls the mossy stuff out of our fake tree pots- this has been ongoing since he could crawl, who am i kidding)
::loves shaking his head "no" and waves hi by thrusting his arm straight at you.
::when i find him holding something I'd rather he wasn't, and I say "what you got there, Hyrum??" he instantly hands it over.  Haha!  He loves handing us things.  And he tricks me by wanting to feed me but then pulls it away and eats it himself. :p
::gives big open mouth wet kisses on demand (i can't remember how old he was when this started)
::he likes to do summersaults off of Brody's bed.  Haha!  It's hilarious to watch (it's a low toddler bed, don't worry)
::likes putting cars down this ramp Brody has.  He's a smart kid & understands lots of the things I say to him.
::still dances- but more animated.  He especially loves this song.
::kinda reaches for me.  He hasn't done this consistently in his life and it makes me sad.  It's one thing I LOVE babies doing.  Although, he's a momma's boy for suuuure.  He cries when I leave the room.  It melts my heart!
_MG_0889copybw 2
We love our little Hyrum man!


Venassa said…
Haha this is by far my favorite of your Hyrum updates so far. I laughed out loud at him destroying the buildings.
Call me crazy but Im hoping to get my girl walking by 10 months. My friend is getting married then and I'd love to show her off walking in an adorable dress. I know I have high hopes haha. My nephew was starting to walk at 9 months though, so it's not impossible.
So cute that he cries when you leave the room. It would make me feel so loved, yet so sad when I actually had to leave. My nephew cried once when he was a baby and I was leaving and it broke my heart.
Unknown said…
This is so cute!
Hannah said…
Hahahaha...that animated gif is PERFECT! So adorable!
wholesouls2 said…
Can't wait to see Hyrum in one month's time! He is so amazing! This post is super cute, he's super cute. He's our "nuffy" (thanks Brody) and we love him! Love, Grandma Nelson
Kyla Makay said…
That little picture show made my day! So cute! :)
Anonymous said…
He has the same name as my grandfather. I love it!
Sasha said…
Seriously these just get cuter every month!! I love this one!
Shay said…
He is so adorable- love this setup! The whole summersault off the bed thing cracks me up- hope he doesn't get hurt when he does it!
Laura said…
LOVE this month's picture! It's way cute. And happy 11th to Hyrum! Can't believe in one short month he'll be a year!
"waves hi by thrusting his arm straight at you"---> Our 11 month old daughter does the same thing!
Anonymous said…
Oh my heck! You've out done yourself again! I love this one. Ha ha and the man hanging out the window. Oh too funny! LOVE!
[eeny] said…
H is so cute in this costume.
The gif is super fun. Little Godzilla destroing the city. =)
Morgan said…
Super adorable pictures!! He is so cute!
Connie this one's my favorite! And holy cow must have taken forever to do all those little pieces - nice job!
Suget said…
Haha that is so cute and awesome. Little Hyrum is getting bigger. Awe! So sweet.
Ashley Eliza said…
you simply amaze me Connie! Each month you blow my mind with your creativity. That is soooo cute. And i love at the end of him rolling. I feel like i knew him by saying this but he is getting so big!!! time flys that is for sure. Have a great week girl.

Jess said…
This is way too cute!! Great pic :)
{amy k.} said…
adorable! LOVE that idea!

and i'm your newest follower! :)
Unknown said…
these photos are so awesome!