Best Furniture Stripper and Cleaner Duo

 I've spent the better part of February working on a fun update to my living room.  When we first moved in we had these really hideous orange wood bookshelves and so as everyone did in 2015, I painted them white.  As much as I loved them, I couldn't help but want to expose that wood again (since chips were inevitable on the shelves particularly the area we converted into our computer desk.  (Remind me to post about that project and the before and after.)

Here's what I did to remove that tough acrylic enamel paint...

To be honest, I was skeptical about using a paint stripper.  I was SCARED about chemicals and with it being winter, I worried it was just the wrong time to do something like this in my garage due to the fumes.  BOY was finding THIS PRODUCT such a relief!  Not only is it non-toxic and includes less chemicals than typical furniture strippers, it's soy-based and has NO harsh fumes.  I'm a believer.  

I plan to use it again on a cedar chest I painted and my boy's dresser!  Until then!