THIS App Has Made Me Over $10,000 (Poshmark)

There are few apps I use these days.  If I do find myself on my phone, I want it to be for something that benefits me and feels like a good use of time.  When I was a newlywed, I often found myself at places like Plato's Closet and Name Brand Exchange hoping to sell clothes so I could make money and in turn add new items to my closet.  I proudly bundled up my high-school-days Roxy and Billabong shirts (California girl here!) and headed down with bags full of old stuff (worth hundreds of dollars in my eyes) and would anxiously await the tally.  They'd call my name and announce one of two things: "We can give you two dollars for all this" OR "sorry, we can't buy anything today."  I wish I was exaggerating.

This was the case over and over again.  Stuff that I KNEW had value and that I kept in pristine condition got either turned down, or brutally undercut.  As a newlywed with little money, I would often take what I could get.  Sometimes, I would just gather my things up and be out the door vowing to never return.  But I usually did return... because, you see, in 2007 there weren't many options for a girl to rotate her closet. And so had been the struggle... until 2019 when I joined the app I had just heard about: POSHMARK.

I was skeptical.  A friend on Instagram posted her closet on stories and when I checked it out I was shocked to see that she had sold dozens of items for good prices... and none of the stuff I considered designer or expensive.  I remember the first shirt I listed.  It sold the same day.  It was a Zara linen embroidered shirt and it sold for $18, no offers, no negotiating... and it was just ONE item!!  I couldn't believe that I literally made more for one item than I (felt like I) ever did with bags and bags of stuff taken to secondhand shops.  After a while, by the way, I gave up on secondhand shops and just took the loss if I bought something I regretted... which to be honest, is way more than I'd like. 

With this new discovery (POSHMARK!), I began listing item after item of things I no longer really loved but that still had value.  Those items I bought and regretted after the first wear were no longer tethered to me- reminding me what I waste of money it was.  This. was. absolutely. a. GAMECHANGER!

Disclaimer: I have spent my life donating to thrift stores.  My first job was at a thrift store because I have always loved thrifting, saving money, and helping the planet by donating and repurposing.  I still donate; oh, do I donate my fair share... but now if there are things in my closet that still have great value, I will list them on Poshmark.  

As I've utilized this app I have been able to sell all sorts of things: not just clothes.  Kids, men's, home, kitchen, books, makeup, shoes, on and on.  It's amazing really and I highly recommend it, have you gathered that I'm a fan at this point?  I've been sharing this app with friends and family alike for four years now and sadly most of the time they kinda shrug it off and don't think it's worth their time.  $12,000+ later I'm here to say, who wouldn't want an extra $12,000 for stuff they truly don't even want anymore?  There are sellers who make WAY more than this because they devote their whole day to it as a way to support their family.  That is so cool!  That's not me though, I'm just selling stuff I no longer want, or whenever I feel like Marie Kondo-ing something. I'm honestly so grateful I found this app and I can't believe the value all of my old stuff held.  You too could start making money on Poshmark if you wanted to!

If you don't already have an account, sign up with my code CONNIESCLOSET_ to earn $$ within the app and shop!  I have purchased so many items from Poshmark and have had such a great experience doing so.  If I change my mind on something I just sell it back.  Poshmark also has an incredible system in place to protect buyers from items that aren't honestly advertized, and it truly is just an amazing resource!

Stay tuned for my TOP 5 tips to being successful on the Poshmark app!