Hyrum - 9 months

Hyrum has reached another milestone!  He'll be 9 months tomorrow!  I had to do this pic a little early... I took this before our trip so I wouldn't be so behind on life.  Anyway. 
NINE MONTHS!  Really?  That means we're 3/4 of the way to having a one year old.  
I want to keep him a baby forever.

I superimposed the barbell because there's no way he would've cooperated with a similar prop.  I don't mind doing it that way though- and anyway I'm trying to figure out how to keep these posts coming;)  You all know I almost threw in the towel blue blanket months ago on this project.  He did make a perfect pose for what I was going for though!  Thanks Hy!

At 9 months he:
-is standing.  A few days after he turned 8 months (July 22nd) he started pulling up!  That seems too early to me.  I love it though!
-tears up the book shelf.  He loves looking at (crumpling) the books!  DVDs too.
-Has been enjoying finger foods the past couple months.  Cheerios & sweet potato puffs.  I even gave him some arrow root cookies (but the package said for 10+ months.  Noticed that after, oh well!)  One day he got into Brody's fishy crackers and he's been scouring the floors for them since.
-he's in a screaming phase.  Ugh.  Seriously embarrassing at church but some days aren't so bad.  He puts both his hands out in front, hands in fists, and lets 'em loose.  Hopefully this'll be a very very short phaze.  My ears!
-has the cutest crawl!  From any direction but especially from the back.  He has gotten really fast on his hands and knees and I love watching his cute little diaper waddle all quick like
-takes two naps
-wakes up at 7am usually, in bed at 7:45ish.
-He has said "Hi" "ma ma" "da da" and others
-i'm seriously in awe at what a great little eater he is!
So this months pic was inspired by that outfit I found when I was swapping out old clothes and putting "9-12 month" clothes in his drawers.  Totally reminds me of those oldtime-y "strong men".  Like so:


amy said…
Seriously, Connie. This is sooooo cute!! You are so creative! :)
Sasha said…
I'm glad you didn't throw in the blanket. These pictures are my favorite! I love this one!
Unknown said…
He is such a handsome little man. I think this one is my favorite of these so far!
Suget said…
haha the cute mustache... I love it. Hy is too cute. Nice photo Connie. Very creative.
Monique said…
Your boys are so cute! I can't get enough of these monthly photos. You are so awe-inspiringly creative.
Brea said…
you're so creative Connie! Hy is just the perfect little model too! he's so stinkin cute!
Lauren said…
I'm serious about you doing these for the next 17 years. I figure you do it once a year on his birthday til he moves out. Lol ;)