crusty the croissant

So monday I planned this uh-maz-in family picnic, right? I mean, I really planned for it because bascially I've been meaning to have a family picnic for five years, pretty much. Tony and I both wanted to have one in AZ before we left (because we knew his life would soon get real busy) but it never happend. SO, I said regardless of how hot and humid it is, let's do one monday for FHE before the summer officially arrives. Low and behold, it was GORGEOUS! Not too hot, and a cool breeze even! A nice change. So as I'm unpacking our food (one thing going wrong after another... but only because I had this "perfect picnic" in mind) I realized... I DIDN'T BRING BRODY'S DINNER! There's more. Maybe I'll blog about that picnic, I did get pictures.
But anyway this is what I intended he eat at the picnic:
Is that not THE cutest! Now don't go thinking I'm some kind of genius kids meal designer.  I'm not.  It just so happened the recipe card fell into my lap during relief society on Sunday and I couldn't help but want to make it the first chance I got.  I figured our upcoming picnic would be the perfect place.
I wanted to assemble it and get his reaction so I didn't tell him before hand what it was going to be. Until I did decide to tell him... and then I had to explain that he couldn't have it. (oops)
But anyways we made it for lunch the next day and he. was. LOVING IT!  I'm going to make these more often, for really reals.  He NEVER eats "meat sandwhiches" but he ate this!!  He even tried the claws!
Anyways, aren't these the perfect summer lunch for kids?  (I enjoyed mine even;)

On the recipe card they are called "Crabby Crabwich" but I like my name better;)
So here's all it is:
-your favorite sandwich fixin's (we had honey ham and colby pepper jack cheese!  THANK you Sargento!  My two favorite sandwhich cheeses in one;)
-red bell pepper, cut
-sliced olives & cheese balls (for eyes)
-carrot sticks
-radish (halfed and sliced for mouth...but I forgot to pick one up so I used the bell pepper)
-a hungry kid
Let me know if your kids love it like mine did!


ruthiegyll said…
this is the cutest lunch i have ever seen!
amy said…
That is such a cute idea!!
Amanda said…
this is the cutest little dinner EVER!!!! i love it. :)
Suget said…
this really looks like its fun to make. I am going to attempt a lil crabby wich this weekend. Awe brody is so cute, glad he liked it (:
Laura said…
That is AWESOME! Totally gonna do this one day. Thanks for sharing!
Lauren said…
So cute! The sandwich too.. but mostly Brody ;)
{erisha} said…
awww... those photographs are so lovely and he is so adorable!!!!! :D You're blessed :D
Tiffany Haynes said…
Adorable! I've seen cute ideas like this to get your kids to eat, which I am just now considering doing since Nolan is starting to get a bit picky.

I've totally been saving up for a Jo Totes bag. Love it!
Stevie Leigh said…
Love this idea. And the photos are adorable!

So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

- S from Following the Walkers
Stevie Leigh said…
Love this idea. And the photos are adorable!

So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

- S from Following the Walkers
Shay said…
Holy cow, I must pin this- I LOVE IT! Thanks for the idea!
Hannah said…
that is the most awesome croissant sandwich that i have ever seen!
Mrs. Biscuit said…
Connie you're amazing! That is absolutely the CUTEST lunch I've ever seen! My mom used to make us the cutest little meals when we were little. She would make the fruit on our yogurt into faces, she'd put our veggies together with toothpicks to make veggie people... it was awesome and I still remember them as an adult!

Brody is a lucky little guy to have such a creative mom!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit