Hyrum- 7 months

I can't believe my chubs is 7 months already.  Before you know it I'll be making him a birthday cake.  I think Hy looks chubbier in this picture than he really is.  He is suprisingly only in the 50% for most everything- and at this stage, brody was FIVE pounds heavier and FOUR inches taller!  Brody was a beast.  Hyrum is such a sweet little guy, he and I have lots of fun bonding moments together..
At 7 months Hyrum
::Rocks back and forth on all fours
::crawls backwards, a little
:sits unsupported w no problems
::can lay down from a sit without bonking his head (he sits all the way forward so that his face is touching the floor then he rolls on his side, haha
::eats all sorts of fun baby food- doesn't care much for peas but still eats them!
::talks all day (baby talk of course)
::says "mama" (according to Tony.. I think it sounds like MUH MUH MUH)
::wakes up at least once in the middle of the night still
::still nursing (I take my babies up to the year so I can skip using formula (not that I have anything against it)
::still obsessed with water and will splash in the bath till I'm soaked.  He doesn't even care when he gets his face all wet
::still no visible teeth
::there is not one inch of him that isn't ticklish
::chubbiest thighs (i think it runs in the blood- both my babies were this way)
::not a fan of strangers but warms up eventually
::taking three naps.. but I can foresee one of those going away reeeeal soon.
::around here he's known as spit up king, baby h, hy, squishy, chubs, hyrum man, & happy hyrum
::we play games where I call him stinker for little things (like when he grabs earrings, his feeding spoon, stuff he shouldn't, etc) and he just cracks up & keeps doing it.  I love it!

basically I thought I could make these pictures last till he was a year.  I'm thinking it's more of a "first 6 months" thing because this was literally two seconds later.  Now that he's mobile, I can't keep him in place to save my life.... doesn't matter if I give myself the fastest shutter speed possible.

SO this is probably the last blue-blanket-picture you'll see.  And I had big plans for this one, too (in the way of animation, since that's been the trend) but he's just. TOO... over it (;


Chelsea said…
THIS is SO adorable!
Sasha said…
I thought this was the cutest idea ever! I loved looking at all the different months. Sad it's the last one!
Jennifer said…
I love chubby baby thighs! It should be a crime how quickly babies grow up and turn one, seriously it's like if you blink you'll miss it.
Kari said…
That last picture somehow made him forty times more adorable. You are one lucky mom.
Rachel Parker said…
What an adorable idea for a little photoshoot! But I can totally see how he's a handful now that he can get around - gah, just imagine him when he's a year old :) You're going to have so much fun with him!

rachel @ eatandwrite
Suget said…
Oh!! I miss my babies when they were that tiny. ): Hyrum is too adorbs. I love his lil smile. Hmmm come to think of it, I have a little clip of Kai when he was just learning how to giggle, I should upload that and post it. hehe (:
Alexandria said…
He is getting SO big. Whoa...that seems quick.

Connie, he is so precious and those thighs are just delish!

Sad to see these fun little pictures go, but I am sure there will be more in the future.

I love these pics! You are so creative!
Shay said…
If your not going to do these pictures anymore than you should probably have another baby so that we can see more- ha! LOVE those chubby thighs!
Whitney said…
I want to eat his legs!!!
i havent told you yet but i lovvve what you do with these pictures of hyrum! they are sooo clever and such a good idea!
Natalie said…
Lol!! He annihilated that set :) I miss you guys so dang much. Wah. I can't beloved he is growing up so fast!! I got a good laugh out of visualizing how he lays down by himself. Babies are so clever!
wholesouls2 said…
I loved the Father's Day pictures and the ones of Hyrum at 7 months. These make me want to visit all the more!!! I love you all! Love, Mom, Grandma Nelson, and Momma Nelson!
Lauren said…
Look at those chunky monkey legs! The picture turned out adorable even if the animation didn't work. Were you going to have the line move? I've loved your series! Now have another baby and do it again.. lol!
amy said…
Such a creative idea...I will have to remember this when I have kids. :)