Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler (100+ Easter Basket Gift Ideas!)

Easter is right around the corner and this post has reminded me it's time to get it all squared away. Whenever Easter falls in March it tends to sneak up on me, anyone else?  I tend to struggle with Easter gifts and find myself getting my kids way too much candy.

Easter is traditionally filled with candy and other junk foods, but we can establish new traditions that our children will also love!  I started doing one big gift to bring the family closer and to get them out and being active. One year they got a kayak (like this one) and used it all summer at lakes nearby, and another year they got this backyard badminton set.  I'm now looking into an inflatable paddle board like this one because paddle boarding is definitely my jam, and I love that it is easy to transport. For a more simple gift, I'm also a huge fan of yard games like this ladder toss that we have, cornhole (how fun is this light up one), and more. See all my ideas HERE!

Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas:

  • Change/cash (one of my favorite things to put in eggs for an outdoor egg hunt)
  • Stickers -  It's frustrating to go to the store and find a single sticker for $4.  My kids have personally bought these and these from Amazon (They get SO many!  300 for the price of like 2?! Amazing) and they love them! One of my kids even made a "sticker business" out of it and started selling some at school.
  • Stamps - I love the idea of these wooden letter stamps - "it's fun AND educational!" (ha, name that movie) But these are super affordable, easy to toss in eggs, and kids love them.
  • Seeds for planting flowers/veggies - Why haven't I thought of this before?  I actually want this windowsill herb garden set or these terracotta mini flower/cactus ones! Kids get excited about planting and taking care of things themselves. Get bigger eggs for these here.
  • Chalk - Sidewalk chalk is a spring/summer MUST have.  Go simple or go BIGThese ones are easter themed and egg size.
  • Stacking rocks for toddlers.  I wish I had known about these when my kids were little!
  • Mini markers - (so cute!)
  • Cute sticky notes - (Anyone else's kids love Kawaii?  These are adorable)
  • Crayons - I'm not talking crayola although by all means get that.  These and these however, are just so fun and different! Honeysticks beeswax crayons, yes please!  And the mini ones are 😍.  Also, where were these bath crayons when my kids were little?
  • Rubber bands (for loom) - My kids have actually never made anything with these (but they have been gifted them before).  I plan to get them some this year for sure.
  • Silly bands - girls and boys versions
  • Rings - These glow ones are so fun!
  • Bracelets - again with the glow things!  Or these fuzzy ones would be a hit. 👀
  • Marbles - Anything retro has my attention.  I love these!
  • Tape - My artist daughter would love scotch tape to be honest lol, but I actually had a more fun idea in mind.  This road tape for cars is about as fun as it gets - or get these for trains too.  Washi tape for little girls or older girls and this tape dispenser is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I know what the easter bunny is bringing this year! 
  • Playdough - these classics or better yet these already come in eggs!
  • Silly putty - these putty eggs are an amazon exclusive. 
  • Slime - How cute are these and these?  And they are already egg shaped so it's a win-win.
  • Nail polish - but get these mini ones because big jars last way too long and wouldn't fit in eggs anyway.
  • Chapstik/lip gloss - My daughter LOVES these, she originally stole them from me, ha!  They're so smooth and hydrating and smell amazing... and they are definitely small enough to fit inside a standard-large egg!
  • Small figures/sticky hands - Whenever there's a prize chest at the dentist office my kids choose the sticky hands (HERE); and recently, my son brought home a sticky man like this one.  For something a little more long-lasting and versitile get these magnetic ones.
  • Fidget toys - Fidget spinners like this may not fit in small eggs, but they sure to be enjoyed. Twist fidgets like these are also fun.  
  • Pop-it's - there are ones small enough for eggs or go bigger and just stack them in the basket.  Little kids love these. Buying for a crowd?  Just go for these fidget toys that already have eggs included!
  • Army men - But ideally if they come with a parachute because that's so much more fun.
  • Bubbles - easter ones right here
  • Erasers - as much as I love the ones shaped like animals, these, these, and these are much more practical.  My daughter loves macarons so I know she'd love erasers shaped like them (they have donuts too, so cute.)
  • Puzzle pieces - These are already in easter eggs, and easter themed.  These cereal boxes are fun.  I love these wooden ones.
  • Hair bows - Bows like this are all the rage right now.  I love them and my daughter does too!  Here are some for little ladies and these work for all ages.
  • Shoe laces - kids love adding color or glitter to their shoes.  These saved my life when I had younger kids, the best!
  • Hair ties - ones that double as bracelets are great, or go simple and classic.  My daughter and I use these on our fine hair because they stay in place so well!
  • Nail stickers - who didn't ask for or want nail stickers as a kid?  I will be getting my daugther these or these!
  • Stick on earrings - These are so cute!  A more affordable option here!
  • Crackers - Depending on what you get, they will have less sugar than candy so they make great non-candy egg filler.
  • Trail mix - Make your own for a more economic choice.
  • Cereal - can fit into eggs or give each kid their own box of their favorite cereal.  They will love that!
  • Notes/coupons - If they believe in the easter bunny a note inside from the bunny would be so fun.  Otherwise, a sweet note (or coupons from mom and dad) would be meaningful
  • Balloons - pack the balloons in the eggs, and include one of these balloon helicopters in their basket.  Looks so fun!
  • Socks - These are so perfect for younger girls, these for older girls, or fuzzy bunny ones here. Might need a large egg for this one... but you know how kids think: bigger means better!
  • Expandable washcloths - Things that grow in water?  Always fun. Like these
  • Bath bombs - Things that dissolve in water are equally magical. Here and here are some easter egg shaped ones and I know a girl who would love these cute shapes
  • Barbie clothes - Wishing I thought to roll some of these or these up into eggs when my girl was younger!
  • Cars - if you haven't introduced your kids to Micro Machines, why not?  Here's a case where smaller is better. 😉 Disney Cars ones here.
  • Grow toys - Who didn't love these as a kid?
  • Gift card - My kids have been getting their own gift cards in their Christmas stockings lately and they have been a huge hit.
  • Movie tickets - We love our movies over here, then again, who doesn't?
  • Croc charms - these for your tween girl, these or these for the fellas. I hear Nickelodeon is trending right now.
  • Nuts - If they're good enough for Christmas then they're good enough for Easter!  I actually loved cracking open my own nuts when I was a kid.  Just make sure you give them the right tools, like these.
  • Dried fruit - Costco has some of my favorite no sugar added dried fruit
  • Popcorn - Make it yourself or get these cute little individual packs 🍿
  • Small notebooks - I used to have a mini notebook like this when I was young and used it for all the stickers I got.  I loved it. These or these are great options too. This puffy cover one?  Takes me way back in the best way.
  • Shells - like these
  • Gemstones/geodes - my kids have been obsessed with these in the past.  It's super fun to crack them open and discover what's inside. Or go simple with these already polished pretties.
  • Finger lights - My kids got these recently and I've seen them used a lot
  • Finger rocket - These are fun 🚀
  • Claw clips - My daughter loves these ones. These are some really pretty spring ones that will fit great inside eggs.

Some ideas for basket stacking that won't fit in eggs:

Some of these could also be a big group gift!

  • Books/Book Light - Can't go wrong with Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for your elementary-middle schoolers.  I personally love anything Dr. Seuss for younger kids.  Here's a link to all my favorite kid books. Don't forget a book light!  This one has been so good to all of my kids.  They use it nightly!
  • Lego set - here's an easter one
  • Hoodie - Know your audience.  The Zelda fans in my home have loved this one. 
  • Thread/yarn crafts - A toddler would love this, I wish I had one all those years sitting in church with littles!  BFF bracelet kit like this, or a cross stitch kit like this or this keychain one.
  • Carrot Cheetos - My mom did this in the 90's and I remember it so well.  I decided to do it for my kids one year!  Just put cheetos in a piping bag like this and tie it up with green yarn or ribbon (here).
  • Sunglasses - cute springy ones for girls here, boys here - my baseball playing dudes will love these!)
  • Flip Flops or Crocs - I love these quicksilver ones.  Makes me miss my Cali home. Don't forget your croc charms (linked here)
  • Slides - these are huge still (my tween/teens love this brand!)
  • Swimming Goggles - We always seem to lose a pair or two every summer - get ready for the summer with these.  Great reviews too!
  • Bathing suit - such a cute one for girls with lots of options.  My teenage boy loves this one, it's been going strong for a few summers now.
  • Umbrellas - such a spring necessity.  Check out this affordable one with lots of colors to choose from. My kids have actually never owned their own, so it might be time for that.
  • Picture of Christ - A personal favorite for kids here.  Isn't He what it's all about?
  • Tie Dye Kit - like this one (44,000+ 5 star reviews?)  And it's on sale!  I'm a big fan of art projects aka bonding time with your kids.
  • Learn to juggle set - Doesn't get more classic than this set of jugglers.  These ones light up!
  • Yard games - I listed some above but I've also loved this velcro toss game since I was a kid.  Baseball season is coming up- get them out practicing with this! I got that one for my boy for Christmas.
  • Card Games - like this one!  My kids love this game (and here's the easter version!) and I stink at it.  So, if you're tired of "letting your kids win" you won't have to with this, ha! We also LOVE this game and this game!! Here's a link to all our favorite family games.
  • Bath stuff - my boys would've loved this bath basketball hoop when they were younger!  They probably still would.  These bath crayons look so fun, and these bath crackles would be a hit for sure.  Poprocks but make it bathtime?  Sweet.
  • Hobby related things - One of the reasons we got this badminton set that year was because my son was loving playing it in P.E. and I wanted to support that.  Whatever they are into at the moment should be taken seriously,  even if it ends up only being for a short time.  Kids feel so seen and supported.
  • Scripture markers - no bleed Bible markers in great colors here
  • Baseball Cards (Here) /Football Cards (here) /Basketball Cards (Here)
  • Reusable water balloons - What a cool idea!  These have great reviews.  I also like the simplicity of these ones.
  • Stuffed Animal - some tried and true ones my kids have loved: for girls: here and here. For both girls and boys: HERE and here. If you feel like you are swimming in stuffed toys as it is, get THIS bean bag type chair.  I love it,  I was very glad I gifted it to my daughter as a place to keep them all.
  • Nerf Gel Blasters - Nerf gel blasters (this one in particular) have been a big hit around here lately.  Unlike traditional nerf guns you don't have to go around collecting the bullets.  My boys love playing with them for night games in the summer!
  • Tamagotchi - has been a favorite toy around here for a few years now.  This one or the newer Tamagotchi Uni (here) is super popular. Bonus, they are egg shaped. 😉
  • Roller skates/Roller Blades - There's no better time than spring to freshen up their pair of roller skates and these ones are tried and true in our house.
  • LED Strip Lights -  My teen loved decorating his room with these.  So much fun!
I know that some of these ideas might feel "extra" and totally unnecessary - but you do you.  I love gifting practical and fun gifts that get my kids being active, creative, and supports family togetherness.  But I certainly don't think holidays have to be over the top.  I hope whatever your easter plans are that you enjoy the day with your loved ones!

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