Gifts For Him | Birthday or Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Man

I'm pleased to announce that several weeks back my husband's birthday has come and gone for the year. I can check off 2024 and I'm smooth sailing until Father's Day!  I say that, but it will be here before you know it! Just about every single year I get in a slight panic mode over any gift-giving-occasion (when it concerns my husband that is) and I've come to realize it's not just me.  It can be hard to shop for someone that truly doesn't ask for or want much; and even if he does want or need things, probably hopes for those little surprise gifts he's not expecting.  So, I've gotten creative over the years and discovered some great finds that I think any guy would appreciate. Best part is, you can shop last minute since all of these items are found on Amazon!

Best Last Minute (but don't look like it!) Gifts for Him (over 50+ Ideas!):

1. For the Fitness Fanatic:

  • Adjustable Weights:  These adjustable weights are so handy - both my husband and I use them in our home gym several times a week.  I love that we can adjust the weight and therefore streamline our weight room.  I cannot sing their praises enough, they are worth every penny.
  • Adjustable Kettlebell: We also own THIS adjustable kettlebell.  I use it for clean and press, kettlebell swings, kettlebell goblet squat, lunges, deadlifts, the possibilities are quite endless.  I love that if I'm tiring out at the end of a set I can easily go down in weight, with both of these adjustable options!
  • Electric Protein mixer bottle: He was mentioning in the past that his protein shakes didn't mix very well, and so I got him this electric protein shaker bottle.  It's pretty cool, it works a like a mini blender so it mixes things great.  
  • Protein/Creatine/Post Workout: Our favorite protein is this one (over 200,000 great reviews, wow!) I would also trust the plant based protein version from this company (here). My guy also takes this creatine, and this post workout drink with BCAA's. 
  • Pull up bar/Grip Strength/Jump Rope: When we are just sitting around watching a show he uses this grip strength trainer, he actually asked for it himself. He also asked me for this jump rope. We now have a workout cage in our garage but before that we both used this pull up bar which is so nice to have if you don't have a cage or you workout at home.

2. For the Sporty Guy:

  • Cold pod: You've probably seen these around but have you gotten one yet?  Sources say cold water immersion can increase your metabolism by up to 16% and also has the ability to lower inflammation in the body- perfect for guys that play a lot of sports, workout, or have certain fitness goals. There are a lot more benefits you can read about here. This one is on sale right now!
  • Pickleball: Another thing that's all the rage, and for good reason.  I love playing pickleball with my husband!  Give it a go if you haven't yet.  This set is super affordable too.
  • Ping Pong: My husband has loved ping pong as long as I've known him.  I got him this table top set before since I didn't want to store or own a huge ping pong table!
  • Massage Gun: My husband and I are obsessed with our deep tissue massage gun.  I highly recommend this to anyone who works out or plays sports! See Here
  • Water Bottle: I don't know what I love more, this Stanley, this HydroJug, or these Yeti tumblers. I don't think you can go wrong, it's always fun to get a new color water bottle and upgrade from one that might now have tons of dings and dents.

3. For the Trendy guy:

  • New Kicks: What guy doesn't love new shoes?  My guy.  I'm sure lots of guys.  But the more I've gotten him new shoes over the years, the more he's asked for new shoes and appreciates them.  He's starting to rival my closet in the amount of sneakers he has.  This pair of Veja's is just so classic.  I own a very similar pair (here) and I can attest to their comfort (not to mention, my husband compliments them every single time I wear them).  They are made with such quality materials, so very worth it. This Vince Camuto pair is similar, also leather, but about half the price. My husband asked for these boots a few Christmases ago, another wardrobe staple and he loves them for wet or cooler days. 
  • House Slippers: A classic pair of slippers like these Uggs is always a great gift idea.
  • Socks: I know what you're thinking, socks?  I actually get my guy several pairs of socks each year, but not just any socks, quality.  This pair of USA made Darn Tough cushioned boot socks are made of merino wool.  On top of that they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, no questions asked. Check the description, you'll see.  We have a stance sock collection going here too.  Check these and these out.
  • Joggers: My husband lives in joggers, I swear he gets a few new pairs every year.  I would recommend these for a feel like lulu, but a fraction of the cost.
  • Lounge Set: If you haven't gotten your guy on the "set" bandwagon yet, why not?  They are super comfortable for lounging, and 100% socially acceptable to go out in, too. This one is a good look. 

4. For the Foodie: 

  • Pizza Oven:  This one is a great price with great reviews, I can see the backyard summer pizza parties now. 
  • Ninja Creami: If your man has a sweet tooth, or has a daily smoothie bowl, the Ninja Creami has been all the rage. Check it out HERE!
  • Beef Jerky: This jerky came recommended by an influencer.  My husband said THIS jerky is "really good... it's tender and flavorful."  
  • Temperature Control Smart Mug: Been seeing these for a while and think they are so cool! 

5. For the Outdoorsman/Adventurer:

  • Gun Cleaning Kit: This one has great reviews and looks really cool, too.
  • Water Shoes: We first bought water shoes when we went to Bora Bora, but I didn't realize how useful they are!  We've used them kayaking, summer hiking (in/near water), at beaches, snorkeling, and more.  These ones are extremely comfy to hike in, even when wet.  I know from experience.  Really can't be happier with this purchase!
  • Fleece Sweatshirt: You can't beat this price from a trusted brand (Hanes), and this is a wardrobe staple in my opinion- for men and women.  We live in a state where pullovers are needed year round, especially if you camp!
  • Portable Power Station: This portable power station would be so handy while camping to charge or power things.  They are in general just a great thing to own in the event of a power outage or emergency.
  • Headlamp: These get used for night games by my kids but they are a must for camping, hiking, and really any trip (you never know!). Love this one.
  • National Parks scratch off poster: We started going to some National Parks a few years ago and decided to get this poster to document where we've been!  It definitely motivates us to keep scratching off and going to new places.
  • Inflatable lounger: Been seeing these for a long time at the beach, sports games, camping, and have always been intrigued!  Such a fun unique gift for the outdoorsy guys.
  • Portable Solar ChargerThis is so handy for camping, backpacking, or just to have on any travels or in case of emergency!
  • Binoculars: Like these for those mountain hikes, sports games, and the like.
  • Camelbak: These are an absolute necessity and can't live without item.  Everyone in my family has their own and they get so much use!

  • Rocker Camping Chair: We have tons of camping chairs but I will be getting THIS one for my husband this year.  We use our chairs mostly for sports games and it would be so nice to have one this comfy!

6. For the Grill Master/Meat Lover:

  • Soda-Can Chicken Roaster Rack: Got this for my husband so he could make juicy whole chickens on the smoker.  We use our favorite soda (:
  • Meat Book: My husband asked for THIS book all about meat and he loves it.
  • Silicone Gloves: A true NEED for any guy who smokes meat, and it's always nice to get a fresh pair.  These are so nice.
  • Grill Scrubber: If he owns a grill or a smoker, he needs a new scrubber.  Just trust me on this! I prefer ones like this that are affordable so I can replace them yearly and keep things clean. Here's a slightly more expensive one that looks so nice.
  • Meat Thermometer: Meat thermometers (HERE) have transformed my cooking and my husbands!  After a 4th-of-July-food-poisoning incident with some pulled pork, we have not cooked a single piece of meat since without first checking the temperature.  

7. For the Well-Kempt:

  • Electric Toothbrush: My dentist recommends and sells this one.  I can't believe I ever lived without an electric toothbrush! 
  • Lip balm: (here) This one is organic and not full of disgusting chemicals! Perfect stocking stuffer or little thing he needs but doesn't think to get himself.
  • Solid cologne: (here) Something new and different! Or go classic with this popular men's scent.
  • Detail trimmer: (here) He'll use it a lot, I guarantee it.
  • Natural bar soap (here) and natural deodorant (here) My husband has tried the "Bay Rum" scented deodorant and he loves it.
  • Whitening strips: THESE found their way into my husbands Christmas stocking and he loved them so much he went out and bought more!

8. For the Handyman:

  • Digital Laser Tape Measure: This one has much more to it than a regular tape measure.  I love it when things are 2-in-1!
  • Hammer Multi-tool: I searched high and low for the perfect multi tool and THIS is it.  You can even choose what is written on the side, perfect for father's day. I want to get one for my car because: 14-in-1... need I say more?
  • Magnetic Wristband: If he does a lot of drilling, nailing, or building THIS is perfect.
  • Universal Socket Wrench: The 18,000+ happy reviews tell me this is a need for any handyman.  I don't know much about socket wrenches, but I have a feeling he does.

9. For the Gamer/Tech Lover:

  • Nintendo Switch: Here.  We own a couple of these and they are a big hit, we love traveling with them!
  • Phone Charger station: My husband loves this one.  It obviously gets daily use. (:
  • Headset: If he owns an Xbox One, get him these.  I can attest that the noise cancelling works great because he can't ever hear me when he's wearing them lol.
  • TV: My husband was recently gifted THIS TV and he loves everything about it.  I love it too, for decor. 😉 I love that it looks like such a pretty art piece on the wall!
  • Sunrise/Sunset Sleep and Wake-up Light: I have personally had this on my wishlist for a few years now.  Who doesn't want to wake up with easier with more energy and an improved mood? What a cool piece of technology!

For the Traveler:

  • Travel Toiletry Pouch: This one is leather and looks so nice! My guy doesn't need to travel with nearly as much as I do, but he loves having this bag to keep everything organized.
  • Travel Backpack: I love a good organized backpack for traveling and this one checks all the boxes.
  • Tablet: My dad loves his tablet for his artwork; I love them for getting all that work done on the go that a phone is too small and inconvenient for! Here.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Honestly who doesn't need about 3 of these?  We have one in each corner of our home but I'd love to get one I can hang while camping or traveling like this.

I hope these birthday/Valentine's Day/Father's Day/Christmas gift ideas for men were helpful to you! Happy Gifting! xo

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