Calling All Boy Moms: The Best Low Maintenance White Dress Shirt for Boys

I've been getting boys ready for church for 16 years now; not to mention family pictures, holidays, performances, and all the other reasons to wear a dress shirt.  Allow me to share with you this incredible brand I discovered: French Toast.  I found and bought my first French Toast church shirt several years ago not expecting much; and once I tried this brand, I never looked back.  Every single white button down dress shirt I've bought for my boys since has been this one!  The best part is they hold up so well. I haven't had to replace them and some of them have been passed down a few times now. I own one in each size so as they grow they have passed them on. Even if we do want replace them, which I haven't yet, they are SO affordable and worth every penny.  I cannot speak their praises enough; THESE shirts have made my life so much easier they've even been mentioned in my gratitude journal many times!😄

I have a few more that were in the wash or in a laundry pile somewhere (:
I have boys who are small for their age and big for their age; and these shirts seem true to size.  If anything, they may run slightly small so I would suggest sizing up or buying both since they're so affordable!  I've never had to return one!  They come in sizes 2T through 20 Husky. 

I love these shirts.  They stay white, aren't sheer at ALL (have a perfect weight to them without being too light or heavy - so yes, they wear them all year round), and the best part: THEY DON'T WRINKLE!  They literally come out of the dryer looking perfect.  If you took out the whole warm laundry load and stuffed it in a basket and left it there for hours they wrinkle a little obviously... but even when I have done that it's a very forgiving shirt and I have not ironed them once.  Let me say that again: I have *NOT ONCE* had to iron these shirts since buying these.  No, not even when we did our family pictures! 

I had to remove my shoes for a pic to finally document that my kid surpassed my height.  This was years ago, he towers over me now.

I promise you, your life will be easier if you switch to these shirts.  Give one a try and thank me later! 



My beautiful, happy kids! 😘🙃

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