Oak Glen, California in the Fall

I grew up right down the hillside from this darling place.  My family and I would drive up to Oak Glen often to play in the snow in the winter, or buy organic locally grown apples in the fall.  It didn't matter what time of year we went, it was always a treat to go.  I got to go a couple weeks ago with MY own little family.  It was such a fun chilly fall morning.  We enjoyed some chocolate covered honeycomb (from the candy store my sister used to work at), ate delish loaded nachos, and watching our boys go down the bounce slide about 500 times.  I brought my Contax 645 camera since I can't get enough of that beauty.  All of these are film (other than the "parrish" sign.ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-1blog

IMG_7727 ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-7blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-8blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-5blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-3blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 2-4blog