I think every blog that comes to a screeching halt deserves an encore.  Strange to think that one day I was loving the feeling I got as my fingers raced around the keyboard, spilling my guts to complete strangers (friends and family too I guess;) - getting excited every time I clicked publish... and then one day, it stopped.

I'll tell you one thing though-

It hasn't.  Not really.  My mind still races with ideas, and crafts, and experiences from my past that conjure something up inside me that needs to be told.  Naturally, I still think my life is something worth recording. The happiness I get when my family loudly sings and dances in the car together, the way my - almost one year old- DAUGHTER looks at me with her big brown eyes, and how my boys strip naked practically every day and splash each other with the hose in the backyard... those are things I never want to forget.

I do know I will always be my own little writer in my own world though because that's something I've always loved.  My journal has never seen so much of me the the last year+... whatever it's been now since I said "bye" here.  And while I think I've been more descriptive than I would've been here, it's missing those great pictures, & the connections my blog posts would create.  It's safe to say this space still means a lot to me- but I see that my life has just taken a completely different course over the many months away.  I'm happy with how things have gone for me and my family... but that doesn't mean I'm not still needing a small connection with the outside world.  The world outside my small church ward, instagram, or small circle of friends.

Earlier this month an old-time blog friend contacted me about updating her blog design.  Oh yeah.  I used to do that... I doubt I remember how, was all that came to mind.  But, I decided to give it a whirl since the summer creates more down time for me.  Turns out, I still enjoy it!- and I haven't forgotten a thing.  And when it's something I can do on my own schedule, it works for my life with little ones.

So that's my big final encore.... my last comeback-post-of-the-century that probably two people will even ever even come across, anyway.  All to say: I'm doing custom blog design for those that are interested, as my schedule permits.  Even if all you want is a cute header, I'm offering everything separately.  WAHOO!!!  THIS IS NEWS!  (I'm still the facetious weirdo I always was, yes.)  My family blogging days are pretty much long-gone from where I'm sitting now- I don't see that changing- but I do want to connect this other way and do something I think is fun.

While I'm here though a small update wouldn't hurt.  Kinda crazy that the last time I wrote I was about as far along with my baby girl as I am now with my next bundle of joy.  My husband and I are incredibly elated even though the first comment from people after "ohh... exciting." is, "was it planned?"  Ha ha!  Yes, indeed.  Indeed it was.  We bought a house and I'm still taking pictures, always.  LIFE IS GREAT!  I hope you're living yours up too because life is a precious, fleeting thing.