february phone pics

It's hard to believe our time here in Kentucky is just about to come to a close.  We have only a handful of days until we move!  And here I was, all worried February would be filled with nothing but packing... but we've had a great month!  I really wanted to enjoy my last weeks, and I have!  Here are just a few random cell phone pictures of it.  Are we instagram friends yet?  @connieraeb

1.Yesterday it magically reached 70 degrees here.
2. tiny little flowers in my backyard
3. Brody picked those tiny little flowers and made me a bouquet.  Already a ladies man
4. My stud three year old at a ball park one sunny day.
6. more swingin'.
7. He just came up and put his head on my shoulder.  I'm quick with my camera and was able to get it. (And anyway he finally likes his picture taken!)
8. One day, Tony surprised us during lunch and came home!  And he came home with cupcakes! xo
9. We went to a new park as a fam- there were helicopters and tanks to climb on/look at, the boys loved it.
10. It was gloomy all day one Saturday...but Tony had most the day off and we went out places so it was a good day.
11. Our s'more making has continued all month.
12. Stinker.

1-3. Bowling and arcade games when my parents were in town.
4. Tony had to drive to a far city one day for work.  He remembered I wanted to go to some macaron place there (but we never got to) so he looked it up and brought a bunch home for me!  When I came down from putting H to bed there was that jones and macaron display waiting.  It's magical being married to him.
5. best buds
6. getting bigger!
7. It was like 32 degrees, but we went to this place called 32 degrees and got Frozen Yogurt.
8. I will soooo miss Wild Eggs when we move.
9. Brody's arcade spoils: silly putty, a chinese yo-yo, and a whoopee cushion.
10-12. Pics from Valentines day

1. Went to the lake.  I just like the sun flare.
2. He's obsessed with hopskotch
3. swingin
4. I want to have this picnic again
5. I thought spring was coming- but then it snowed (above)
6. I love having the park to ourselves!
7. Still dreaming about my Valentine's day cheesecake.  
8. Most mornings are cloudy- but some are so pretty!
9.  Kentucky cracks me up... whenever there's dirt somewhere they throw hay on it!  It's literally EVERYWHERE!
10. We tried a new place to eat
11. I'm liking Hy's mad scientist look.  Poor kid has been sick for like a month
12. super bowl.  Sprite.



Amanda said…
ooooh you had a lot of cell phone pics! love em! and what a good hubby coming home with cupcakes! :)
ConnieB said…
Ha! Yeah, I know.. that's what I get for not breaking it up during the month :p
J and A said…
Such great photos. Love the instagram. Jealous of your weather. :) And cupcakes.
Suget said…
oh my... those photos are fun!!
hehe I like Hyrum in the drawer... awe Brody is so cute and handsome.
Your BELLY!!! (:
Kell said…
Cupcakes! S'mores! I love your pictures, and a hubby who brings cupcakes home is amazing!
Denise said…
Cute cute pictures! I love little flowers that grow in my backyard.. Even though I know they're weeds :)
Unknown said…
I need to invest in a cool phone (aka smart phone) so that I can take cool photos like this. Great post.
Mars said…
love your pictures! I need Instagram. bad.
salena said…
rip nacho cheese chalupa! taco bell is stupider now.
ConnieB said…
Haha Salena! Yep that's the one! It's awful isn't it?!