Tony's birthday

Tony had a great birthday this year.  In the morning we greeted him with some streamers and notes pinned up that Brody and I worked on the day before.  We had chicken biscuits and apple juice and sent him off to work.  We met up with him for lunch at Firehouse, our absolute favorite sub place in the world, (got his free birthday sub) and after he got home from work he opened presents, had cupcakes, and later shredded beef chimichangas that I made for the first time.  They turned out well, thankfully!  As did his favorite cupcakes that I make - chocolate w chocolate buttercream & vanilla cream filling.  Later that night when the kids were in bed we spent time snuggling on the couch - watching- I don't remember what.  (HE doesn't even remember... a good sign;)  All that mattered was being with him.  I love him.
So I planned on making this longer with more pictures but things just got crazy- really crazy- and so a short update from me today.  Life just got interesting... one might say sucky.  But we'll pull through it.

  (In storms like these, at least we have each other, right?  And this.  Among other things... thank goodness for those.)
ps. I already contacted her, but giveaway winner announced here.  Thanks to all who entered!!