Tony takes pictures, too.

And it usually takes six months for me to download them onto my computer.  When I do, I find some beauties I never knew about.  Like, a bagillion pictures and videos of my cute kids mostly.  But I'll spare you the bagillion.  But also moments like when Brody and I battled it out on Atari (he beats me at Outlaw more often than I beat him!)  Or the crazy too-modern park right by us.  That thing I was on, was a WORKOUT!  Not even fun- what kid would do that thing?  haha.  Or the five hundred stuffed animals Brody sleeps with.... look how little H is in the first one.  AHH!

Ok.  Well, Tony doesn't take as many as I do so he has the whole last year in a quick minute of scrolling through them.  It's crazy to see my kids grow up so fast from one picture to the next.  Speaking of growing older... yeah... we just had a birthday party today!
Pretty cute, eh?  My hubby off being his own little iPhone photographer.  And I thought I was the only one (not really).  I love it.

On another note... *ugh.  I've been soooo busy lately and there's too much to share, as always.  Hopefully one of these days I'll be thinking something like... "what the heck do I blog about?  I have nothing to say!" Because that never happens.  So obviously I'll be back soon.

Alright... as you were, blogland.