lunch date gone right

Tony and I had a bunch of free things left over from our monopoly game at McDonalds.  We decided to cash them in and have a lunch date.  The plan: he gets the food, I bring the kids, we meet at the park and enjoy this gorgeous weather.  When I got to the park it was closed for a few days.  The odds.  So, Tony said let's just go home.  I kinda grumbled about that and he said, Okay lead me to this other park you know of.  Turns out, it wasn't a park at all... rather, a school playground at the top of a hill and the school is hiding in back.  That's what I get for keeping my eyes mostly on the road the last time I drove by and "discovered a new park".

The food was getting cold and Tony's lunch break hour was diminishing.  So, we pulled over to a half built, secluded home development and picnicked in the back of the Jeep.  Everything went wrong at first with our "grand plans" but I think the unexpected in life is better.  It was a lunch date gone right.
I don't know where my brain is lately but I forgot B's shoes.  He even told me a few times that he needed them!  Good thing we couldn't find a park after all.  He liked eating lunch in the car anyway(:  There is something else I forgot to bring for our "picnic" but I can't remember.  Figures. ha!
Anyway, and of course you know, once you promise something to a three year old you have to come through so later when T got home from work we went to the park anyways.  Oh, the everyday usual things in life.  They are great.