Hyrum - 12 months {Happy Thanksgiving!}

That's a year, folks!  Have I mentioned that? (:  Thank you all for the sweet comments on his last post!  We're enjoying a Thanksgiving vacation right now- I can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back.  I did get a couple posts drafted beforehand so I don't get too behind on blogging!

I made this quickly the day we left on our trip- I still love it, even though it was rushed.  He was originally due on black friday, I thought I would do something a little Thanksgiving-y for this month's picture.  Cutest Turkey I'VE ever seen.

So at ONE YEAR Hyrum:
-is part-time walking!  Meaning, he walks where ever he goes first...  but then after 10 steps or so when he falls, he goes back to crawling.  Pretty soon he'll ditch the crawling completely.  I'm thinking REALLY soon.  It's pretty funny actually.. he's short, and all his pants are super long on him.  I swear, if it were summer and he had shorts on, he would be walking more.  The poor kid gets tripped up by his pants.
-has 6 teeth
-eats everything and anything I put in front of him.  Including books, his crib (we have crazy teeth marks in it, ugh. lol), the hair on his lion stuffed animal & others, paper, leaves... literally anything around him is his chew toy or new food.
-laughs at Brody when he does/says silly things (for example, Brody was beating up one of those ginormous stuffed fair animals at a thrift store and Hyrum was rolling)
-loves bath time (well, this isn't new.)
-gives the best hugs.  He is soooo cuddly!  Ask anyone who's held him.

My only worry:
-Hyrum is on the small side.  He's short, and light.  He's under the 8th percentile in everything now; and each doctor visit it has just gotten lower and lower.  His doctor is a little concerned and said if he doesn't improve this they will do tests to see if his bones are growing at a normal rate.  It's not something that is life-threatening, but something that will have to be treated.  I just worry.  The Dr. tells me NOT to worry, but how can I not?   Brody was always OFF the charts so this is very new to me.  I asked if this was something I caused but the Dr assured me it's not.  I feel better about that, at least.  Hopefully H is fine- but time will tell. 

There's so much about Hyrum- you really just have to spend every waking second with him to get to know them all.  Lucky me, I get to (:

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Vivian said…
You are amazing! And at the last minute? How did you do it? What is the blue in the background? a sheet or just fabric? LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
Liam is also on the smaller side. I just love it when the Doc tells me not to worry because then all I do is worry. I understand how you feel. :(

Love the monthly photos so much. Wish I had a creative bone in my body. lol
Suget said…
that is so cute. Awe the lil cutest turkey ever. Don't worry he will be fine. Warren Pat was born 2 pounds and he is now healthy and growing spectacular. Hyrum will be good and healthy after Thanksgiving with all the yummy nutritional food hehe
Unknown said…
that's the cutest turkey ever!
I just started using instagram.. (dardartoyo)
Have a good vacation!
brooke field said…
I love that creative photo of him!!
Vanessa said…
Hyrum as a turkey? Oh Lord, I can't handle the cuteness!
Unknown said…
Aw, so cute! Happy birthday to your little man!
Anonymous said…
Adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Howard 6 said…
I think you should not worry. My last baby stopped gaining weight at 6 months. 2 months straight she went without gaining an ounce. It's like she just ate to survive. she was monitored monthly, but nothing. She was not even on the growth chart; she started her own trend =) needless to say, her doctor sent her for tests, to see if it was related to her thyroid - nope. She is just petite. None of my other kids were like this, so same with you, it was new to me. My doctor said she wasnt too worried, as she was doing all of the other things she should be doing. At 4, she is treated like a 2 year old and looks to be that size, but has the attitude of a 10 year old. She is in charge...and is just fine. I'm sure your guy will be fine, too. He sure is a cutie pie.
Long time reader, first time commenting
Kristen in NC
Saw this via Disney Baby! I'm LDS too! I think you are way talented and Hyrum is adorable :)
wholesouls2 said…
Adorable!---I can't believe I didn't see this 3 plus years ago!