Hyrum- 8 months

I had one more idea I wanted to try on Baby H so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  My little football playa.  And besides, Hyrum has developed so much in the last month is seems so I had to do an update.  He was so sweet to even cooperate for a split second.  The poor guy is sick today and at this very moment was hungry and needing a nap.  Confession: The football is superimposed... but it is a real football that I took a picture of but I obviously didn't want it taking up the entire shot. hhaha
*he kicked the ball so hard his helmet flew off! (;
At 8 months Hyrum...
::can sit up from laying down all by himself!  That's always my favorite milestone.  I feel like he can now get around basically without my help.
::crawling like a champ.  It happened shortly after he turned 7 months.  Recently went from his army crawl to hands and knees
::still eats anything I give him.  I LOVE this about him.  Brody NEVER and I repeat NEVER ate his vegetables (still wont besides corn & carrots)
::sprouted TWO RAZOR BLADES.  Er, bottom teeth.  (he's so cute he knows when he bites and hurts me and he gets all sad and starts crying.  aww.  lol!)
::he doesn't wake me up anymore in the night!!!  (then again I stopped using the monitor... I figure if he wakes up for a little bit that's okay and if he cries enough I'll eventually hear it since I'm right next door.. I was getting a little tired of waking up every few hours!)  He wakes up at 7ish- nurses- then back to bed till 9am.  LOVE IT!
::as I suspected he is down to taking only two naps in the day (but will still take the occasional third nap)
::added "da da da" to his repertoire
 He looks so hilarious in the above picture but I had to share since we all want to see that cute, tired face & comically high pants :p.   In case you are wondering, I gave him shoulder pads since he's a football player and all.
And behind the scenes Brody decided to take up planking.  So I decided to take a picture.  And then he decided to put his arms out... but it still works I guess.
Happy Sunday, all!


Alexandria said…
They are so precious! And you are so creative!
Jennifer said…
They're both such cuties! Pics of other people's little babies make me want another one, even though it was just last year that Ava was small and crawling. He's getting big quick!
The planking made me laugh hard. I love these ideas you come up with, so cute!
Suget said…
hahahhaa Brody is such a silly cutie patootie!
Hyrum is gonna be a very athletic tot. So cute ideas Connie. I enjoy Hyrum's updated posts
wholesouls2 said…
I can't believe Hyrum is now 8 months old! That is awesome. You do a great job documenting his growth. He is such a wonderful cutie. I love him in his football outfit. Brody is soooo boy and he's absolutely wonderful too. Can't wait to see you all next week! Love, Mother
Unknown said…
So cute! Hyrum is getting so big! I may have to do something like this when we have kiddos!
Shay said…
Oh my cuteness- I don't want this to be the last one! You are so creative
Lauren said…
Keep going the whole year! These are too cute to stop. :)
Bridget said…
loooooove this one!
amy said…
Adorable! You are so creative!! :)
christinerojas said…
you have the cutest photoshoots!