Hyrum- 6 months

Up, Up and Away... 
that's what he and I will be doing come friday (only a plane, not balloons)
Can you believe my baby is 6 months!?  
Pretty much do what we just did all over again and he's a YEAR!  
Scary thought.
Let's not think about that anymore.
Right now I'm just enjoying so much his baby days.
At 6 months Hyrum...
-Sits up for a little bit but always falls over
-does this "feet thing"  I love.  He kicks his feet in circular motions one on top of the other when he's laying on his tummy.  I got it on video and I will forever cherish it.  I know it'll go away when he starts to crawl.
-still spits up practically everything
-eating solids (favorite foods: carrots, sweet potatoes.  Dislikes: peaches, pears.  Crazy kid!)
-still loves baths, splashes mommy
-still my "happy Hyrum" He's soooo smiley.  I can't not look at him and smile
-Let's be honest, he hasn't been a consistent sleeper for the past couple months.
He's still waking up a few times at night, which is no fun for my lack of sleep but I do enjoy holding him close every second I do.
-He's basically his own man.  Makes his way where ever he wants and chews on whatever he wants
-I call him "fuzzy" and "squishy" because he is.  SO is.  His hair is the softest thing ever and poofy.  I love it lol
-favorite toy is his giraffe teether
-no teeth yet
-let's not rush things.  
(stay little plllease.  How many times can I say this?:)
Happy 1/2 a year Hy!  You are so special to us.

Ps. Thank you all to new blog friends who have come to say HI!  I try my very best to return the greeting but sometimes my brain farts out on me and I forget... or, something like the Great Blogger Crash of 2011 happens and I lose comments from new people so I never get to say HI.  Lame.  (;


Venassa said…
Such a cutie. Can't believe he's 6 months already.
Chelsea said…
this is SUCH an adorable idea! you are So creative!
Mrs. Biscuit said…
Connie I love these posts where you pose cute little Hyrum! He's just the sweetest thing, not that Brody isn't also the sweetest thing, of course!!!!

Blogger has been so difficult lately! Especially with your blog... It hasn't let me post comments unless there were comments already posted... So weird and frustrating!

Anywhooo... I'm glad people already commented on this post so I could join in! Yay for your sweet little boy with his soft poofy hair!

<3 MuffinLovesBiscuit
christinerojas said…
adorable baby photo! :)
love_b said…
he is the cutest chubbiest baby ever!
What a chubby little lump of love! I adore the photos. SO wonderful!!

All of the milestones are amazing...take it in girl. It happens way way to fast. (says me as I celebrate my baby's 21 month milestones. sigh.)
ailinh said…
Oh. Myyyyy. Word. This is too dang adorable Connie! Happy 6 months to Hyrum! A heart breaker at its finest right there, ladies.
Shay said…
He is such a DOLL, Connie! I love what you did with the photos- so creative!
Hil said…
What a cutie! I love those pictures. I can't believe it's been 6 months either. If I could have one and only one super power it would be to FREEZE TIME!!!
Courtney B said…
Cawknee!! Oh my gosh... 6 months already?! Oh he's so so adorable!
Love your pictures :)
Unknown said…
Oh, he is so cute. I love it when you post these!
Lauren said…
Oh so cute!
Mars said…
gosh he is so cute! Love his fuzzy hair and his little chub. I love those pictures you do. So creative!
Emily said…
Love the blog!! And he's too cuuuute!

Janna Renee said…
I'm new so HI!! i love what you did with that picture! I've never seen that...
Natalie said…
He is getting so darn big!!!!!! Goodness. You are so creative. I love these pictures, Connie!
JED said…
I love the animation of my little boy. He is so beautiful. I can't wait to see you guys again next weekend!
amy said…
Oh my, this is too cute!!