to blog or not to blog

Or maybe a more appropriate title would be, "my annual blog breakdown".  JK.  I guess about every year or so I just reevaluate what this is to me.  (this blog and blogging in my life in general)
(evidentially I'm a rockstar)

I love being able to share my creativity with others.  I've also found that I'm able to be more creative than I thought I could be through having a blog.  Anywhere from having parties, to doing photo shoots or crafts... I'm not sure I would've done some of those things if it weren't for blogs!  Not that I'm a lame person usually but I see ideas, and I'm inspired.  So...that, AND, it's just fun to share things.  So I do more things just so I can share them.  Make sense?  My husband and I have even had this talk... that thanks to my blog I've been inspired to do more with my life- and kids.  We both think it's a great thing.  Not to mention, if it weren't for my blog and my desire to share nice pictures on it, I would've never started my business!  What a great thing.
Another great thing is all the friendships I've made because of it.  I've met some girls- started blog friendships- and those are now real life friendships that I genuinely cherish.

Even with all those positives sometimes the negatives weigh heavily on me.  So heavily in fact that I struggle with whether or not I should blog at all.  Last year my concern was keeping my life (kids) safe.  That's all taken care of.  I don't worry about that so much anymore as I worry about preconceived opinions of me.  (I'm a delicate flower, you know.)  Allow me to sp'lain

Having a blog is sometimes like having a nightmare where you are stark naked in public and can't cover up.  I know that when I put my ideas and opinions out there people may disagree or look at it like a hot mess.  It's gotta happen, everyone is different.  Part of me really wants to prevent that from happening.  As in, I'd like to have people get to know me rather than read about me and then think they know me.  Sometimes I'm sarcastic- what if you can't tell?  Unfortunately, some people wouldn't know sarcasm if it slapped them in the face like a cold piece of raw chicken breast..that was it, btw;)  This isn't like a new epiphany I've had, I've felt this way pretty much since blogging day 1.  Couple times in AZ some people I just met would mention that they read my blog.  So it got me wondering what they already thought of me.  Or what they already "knew".

The bottom line about it though?  What I've come to decide (right now anyway) is that even though that isn't the way I'd like to have it- having a blog is still something I like to do.  And this is me so take it or leave it (;

*and since you're here, that means you love me so please with sprinkles, gumdrops, and rainbows  and stuff validate me go vote!  And for my friend!  I'm falling behind in the rankings (momma nooooo!)   And... if you don't, well, "dishonor on you and your cow"  ah hahaha.


Unknown said…
I LOVE THIS! Sometimes I struggle with blogging too. But then I remember, it's MY blog, MY thoughts, and MY opinions so people can read it...or leave it!

I just stumbled on your blog and I am obsessed. And that is an understatement! Newest follower..come be friends with me too :)

You and your family are BEAUTIFUL!!

love_b said…
I feel completely naked after writing this:

But honestly... it feels great! I want people to know ME and if that means I need to be vulnerable, so be it.

I hope you will continue with your blog because I think it is so refreshing and cute compared to some other blogs out there! keep at it!!
I understand that too, but I agree, I write for me, no one else/
Wow! This was really awesome to read! I feel this way so many times! Good to read and get some new perspective! Thanks...=)
Kristina J.
Suget said…
Oh Connie girl, I love reading your blog, and kudos for you for just not giving any of those negative stuff any thoughts. I wish I had a chance to meet you in person before you left Arizona ): but I am glad you are still in the blogging world. (:
Hannah said…
I obviously don't know you in real life, but I enjoy reading your blog! It's realistic, light, honest and joyful! Keep on keepin' on girl!
Mars said…
I love you and your cute blog. I don't think you expose yourself nearly as much as other people do. Your posts are always just fun, creative, and lighthearted. The way I think blogs SHOULD be. Unless you really want to get SUPER personal and exploit evvverything. Which is fine if people do that too and they are just being them. Basically what I'm saying is that I think people take it waaaay too serious. Blogs are fun and a place for people to post whatever they want so if people don't catch sarcasm...who cares, if people have preconceived ideas about you, who cares. It's just a blog. It shouldn't DEFINE you as a person 100% and people should not think that way. Keep blogging for YOU. What a fun thing to have later on :)
nayumiefuller said…
I absolutely adore your blog! its soo cute, so geniune and definitely puts a smile on my face! :)
amy said…
I love love love your blog!!

PS. I just voted for you. :)
Honey said…
i did my civil duty and voted for ya! ;)
Erin said…
well i love your blog! i do hate when you put your thoughts or anything out there, then every blue moon you get that "anonymous" comment that is so rude that makes you just want to shut down your blog. Well dont stop!!!
Lauren said…
Girl.. first off your sarcasm keeps me laughing all the time. Love it. Keep rockin.

Secondly, I voted for you, again! :)
Courtney B said…
Connie, I seriously love your blog!! I hope you blog forever and ever. Haha! Honestly, I want to be your friend in real life haha!
Your family is adorable. You are gorgeous. And everything you right seems so REAL to me. I think I can tell when your being sarcastic, silly, serious, etc. I realize there are mean people who say dumb things but I LOVE your blog (oh did I already say that?) and think you express yourself so clearly!
Courtney B said…
Oh and I vote for you everytime I read a post! So keep posting the reminders haha!
ConnieB said…
Awwwww! Thank you ALL so much for your seriously sweet comments (: No, I won't be quitting anytime soon! But don't worry... it wasn't any one person or comment that made me feel this way! Love you all! (and thanks for voting!:)
now i hear that girl! i've been feeling the VERY overwhelms lately and haven't even been around to visit in a while. it's so bad! thanks for coming over and saying hi to remind me what i've been missing. it's awesome to catch up ova heah and this article is stellar. what a writer!!! kudos lades.

i'm happy to hear about all the blog inspires in you and benefits your fams but do understand it's alternate side. when kiddos are involved it must be quite different too. well said and now i will see if this voting thing is still going on b/c my cow and me would like to regain our honor ; )

then i'll be back for more catch-ups. ♥