In honor of Valentine's Day

That quote is my new favorite.  It is definitely how I feel about my marriage to Tony. 
We're stuck home again.. Tony is sick and I have a little something too.  Thank goodness the boys are healthy!
I'll be announcing two winners for my giveaway tomorrow- thanks for entering!
photo by mark mabry, edited by me.


Tony said…
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Tony said…
You're so sweet babe! It's the same with me as it is with are my first, only and last love!
Shay said…
That picture is so gorgeous! We got married in the Mesa temple as well. So beautiful! Happy early v-day!
I love this.

I love the Mesa temple, that is where we got married too.
Courtney B said…
Aw love this picture! And you are... just gorgeous!
Suget said…
Happy Valentine's Day!! Your photo is lovely
Wait Mark Mabry did your wedding photos? Very cool.