couple fake birthdays and a real one.

Happy 3 month birthday to my baby Hy!  We took him to the doctor on monday because we've all been a little sick here (he's OK) so I found out his three month weight is 13 lbs 13 oz (normally you don't see the doctor at 3 months).  Chub!  Love it. 
He is such a great baby!  At three months Hyrum:
-smiles and laughs all the time
-wakes up at 2am and 5am and finally at 7:30ish
-has extremely ticklish thighs
-just about has full control over his head/neck
 (I call him bobble head Hyrum)
-extremely cuddly- loves being held all day long
-appreciates a good diaper change.  He gets SO smiley
when I put a fresh one on. haha!
And as for tradition:
hyrum 3 months_blog.

(btw don't think you've seen the last of hot air balloons cause... well, you'll see eventually)
Then it's my half birthday... gimme presents!  Just kidding half birthdays are really just those things you remember half way through the day (if that) and are like, "OH! Uh, cool... actually.. who really cares"  It's easy for me to remember though since today is my momma's actual birthday!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing mother- I love you!


Kathleen said…
What a cutie! That's so creative, I love it! And happy birthday to your mummy!
Bonnie said…
That hot air balloon picture is so cute! Happy Birthday all around ;)
Kate said…
How cute! I like to celebrate unbirthdays. :)

My half birthday only exists every few years because it's February 29th! Leap year!
vintch said…
what a lovely idea:) you and your mama are gorgeous!
Devin & Ruthann said…
Oliver's weight at 6 weeks was 12 pounds 11 ounces. Hehe They're almost the same size!
Suget said…
Hyrum's photo is so cute (: I love it.

Happy Birthday to you Mommma! And happy half birthday to you (:
Randi Gardner said…
Very cute photo of the muffin! My boy is 4 months and he is 15.12 lbs. I have a chubby one too! Its so fun! :)
Courtney B said…
Your Hyrum is so SO cute!
So don't be weirded out.. I love reading your blog :) And I received a blog award and am passing it to you if you're interested :)
blog award
Venassa said…
That hot air balloon photo is awesome! He's such a cutie.
And happy birthday to your Mom! And half birthday to you.
Shay said…
Oh my gosh, that hot air balloon picture is so sweet- happy birthday/half birthday to all three of you!
Ashton Dene' said…
I love your pictures of baby Hy, they are always so adorable and creative!

x, ash
Alexandria said…
Hy is precious!! I love your cute photo ideas! So clever!

wholesouls2 said…
I love this post! BABY HYRUM IS ADORABLE, AND I AM GLAD WE ALL SHARE THE NUMBER 17 TOGETHER ! A very merry unbirthday to you too! Thanks for the tribute beautiful! Love, Mother
Lauren and Josh said…
Half birthdays are good, but I too am a fan of the Unbirthdays! Who doesn't want to celebrate for no real reason! :)
Lacey said…
My friend Stacey just did our photos and she or I will have the photos up soon, but I had to leave you a link to her shoot with our friend Jessie. It reminds me of your carousel photos:)
Vanessa said…
Oh my, that pic of Hy is ADORABLE!! He's so cute!