Hyrum, 2 months old

(really two months and 5 days but who's counting.  2 months as of the 17th.  There.)
I decided I had to make these crazy pictures his "monthly birthday" tradition.  Why would I not??  It's too fun.  Remember his one month picture?  
These aren't the best quality because my "nice camera" isn't with me at the moment.  Soon.

Anyway my baby is not a newborn anymore!  It's happy/sad.  I love each stage babies go through the first year.  He's already added so much joy into our home, I just love this little guy.
His 2 month stats:
12 lbs 3 oz- 70th percentile.  (he's getting chubby!  just how i like them)
23 inches long- 50th percentile.
Hyrum 2 months
 Things he does:
pull my hair (lots and lots). He even managed to pull it with his toes a time or two.
sucks on his fingers- I caught him with his entire hand (minus his thumb) in his mouth, sucking away -so cute.  Still not interested in a binky (and I'm surprisingly okay with it)
LOVES baths.. still hasn't cried in one ever.
Has been sleeping a lot more!  I only wake up once or twice in the night now.  He does go to bed late though anywhere from 11pm to 1am.
SMILES and giggles- everyday!  I love it!  He has the most adorable grin
I can't STOP kissing his cute chubby cheeks... I'm obsessed with kissing them!
He makes us so happy.