2010 Seasons {the year in review}

Two thousand TEN, sea-ZENS.  haha.  Well I had to rhyme (try to) since in 09 & 08 I did "09 was divine" haha.  It's tradition remember?  Anyway I think I better break that tradition, eleven doesn't sound any easier.  This year in review I decided to do it differently since... well, I'm awesome.  But mostly because this year was FULLLLLL of memories and it would have like an infinity pictures in it.  If you think I'm kidding I'm SO not..I'm a pic-aholic.  Complete camera nerd.  Anyway, I'm behind in blogging (documenting) as it is so yah... you'll just have to clickity click on the links if you want to see the fun pictures/adventures/memories instead of a HUGE slew of them all in one post.  I LOVE YOU! haha (:

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start): and btw, these are just the highlights... if you are new, there's plenty more where that came from!
January.  The start of a new decade.  I also started making changes to my photography business that I started the month before.  Tony and I ran away from home escaping every responsibility of ours, tony turned a quarter of a century old and we spotted a celebrity.
February was full of love and desert appreciating, loving life and loving that post, I upgraded my camera and had tons of fun learning how to use it, the worlds cutest photo shoot with my friends, and a night out on the town.

March was beautiful.  My little baby boy turned a whopping TWO and had a cute party, i found out I was PREGNANT (on brody's due date anniversary) with BABY NUMBER TWO, went on one of my favorite outings to a darling carnival, a road trip to Las Vegas and so much more fun with my boys and new camera.  Wahoo I'm finally pregnant!
April my husband left me so I went to the Owl City concert with Natalie and didn't blog much.  But easter was fun... but being pregnant sick wasn't.  Even though Tony was going to be apart from me for 5 weeks when he went to his summer job and I finished school, I DID get to visit him once in the middle there (:
In May I drove 948 miles to be reunited with my husbandI thought I had something to show off baby bump wise, loved to see the (Oklahoma) temple,  mother's day and surviving the worst storm I've ever seen.

summer feet blog
June. was. great. I FOUND OUT I WAS HAVING A BOY!!, won a contestsweat it up in Oklahoma and had a ball doing it.
July is fun for celebrating the fourth of july (twice), berry picking, giving Brody Edward Cullen hair, and lots of random things. Oh and reaching the halfway mark of my pregnancy!!
August is always jam packed with awesomeness (like my birthday...even though I was sick. while camping).  This year also had a trip to my hometown in California, pregnant me in a bathing suit on our beach trip, family in town, leaving twisterville (and seeing my brother Perris for the first time since he got home from his two year mission in Spain), and enjoying Oklahoma for the last time ever.  The sad part of August though was losing our beautiful dog Molly of 15 years (she was like a sister).
September was magical too.  Like women sprouting facial hair at my baby shower, seeing santa at a baseball game,  the cutest foretelling of what's to come, and making this.

fall feet blog
In October I made like a tree pumpkin, continued to be huge, celebrated FOUR happy married years, and showed you what I know about pregnancy fashion.
November's achievements included giving birth (and being overwhelmed with congrats), losing my wedding ring and then finding it forever later, also a road trip to find fall, having family in town, and now the longest run-on sentence ever.
December ..(it's not winter till the end of the month, yo.) was awesome.  Like winning a contest, super kids, and dancing sugar plums. AND going on not one but two whole dates with my hubby.  Who can forget about Christmas and all that fun stuff (that you obviously remember;)

I'd say for the first year of the decade, it really set the bar high.