Ode to Arizona Winter


“All I need is some snowfall…” the mom looked around...
But, since snow storms are scarce, there was none to be found.
Did that stop the old mom? No! The mom simply said,
“If I can’t find any snow here, I’ll make some instead!”
So she called her boy, B. Then she took orange threads,
And she stuck a lil beanie on the top of his head.
She dumped out some cotton- she emptied the sack,
Grabbed her trusty canon- click clickity clack.
The little boy was giddy he was happy to play
No bribing was needed, this just made his day.
Old mom was happy too- she had snow and felt glee
"What is that, is it fake? I must disagree..."
"Don't tell that to Arizona", she said with a roar
"All of us know snow does come from a store!"


(i love that brody is old enough to play along when i have crazy ideas...he's really been good for pictures lately i love it!  cutie:)
Happy first day of winter!


Erica Ann said…
oh my goodness! he looks like a little elf! how cuuuuuttee!
Lauren said…
Ummm... hi. Cutest flippin pictures ever!! What a cute idea. We'll have to try that here in Nevada!
Annie said…
LOVE these pictures!!! everything little thing about them!! he is such a little cutie!! :)
Diana Smith said…
What a cutie! And awesome pictures! I love the bright colors!
Brittany said…
hahaha that made me laugh out loud. i love the poem! and little B is too cute :)
Venassa said…
Lucky Brody to have such a fun/creative mother. I love that you gave him 'snow' to play with. We usually get tons of snow, but right now we are having a wind/rain storm, with no snow in sight. I might have to steal your idea. It just isn't Christmas without snow.
Natalie said…
HAHA love/miss brodster.
Honey said…
Woah. Your little dude is so stickin' cute! It looks like he has really embraced the camera. I have to bribe my kids - and even then it doesn't always work out! lol...
Suget said…
Those photos are amazing Connie! Brody is such a big boy now. So adorable (:I like the s-n-o-w
Shay said…
Love the pictures- so adorable! Makes me really sad I too live in AZ where is it sweatshirt weather and we rejoice if the temp is under 70!
Brooke T said…
oh.my.goodness! Adorable!! I love the background and his scarf :)
Monique said…
This is one of the cutest things I have seen and or read in a while. B is such a sweety!
Anonymous said…
oh-em-geeee... this is the cutest and best "idea" i've ever scene!!! So fun:)
Alexa Mae said…
So so so freakin cute! He is such a stud! And I am loving this color scheme.

I miss you, friend. Next week we are playing fo sho!
Ashley Eliza said…
i CANNOT get over these. he is the cutest thing ever Connie!!!

Merry Christmas :)
I always wonder if he looks just like your husband when he was little?
Kari said…
Cutest thing ever! Ever.
Bridget said…
great pictures!
Haylee said…
Your son is a doll. These pictures are SO cute.