Lace earring holder

Frames are inspiring, yah?  There's sooo much you can do with them.  You could probably find something else for this craft other than for earrings, too.  But anyway, I've been wanting to do this all summer.  Glad to be back to the bulk of my jewelry once again (it was hard taking the bare minimum to Oklahoma).

I loved the turn out of this so much I thought I should share.  Go make it!  It's...IMG_5460
Super easy.

  • a frame
  • lace fabric
  • tiny nails
  • a glue gun.  
(Or instead of nails a staple gun- which I would've used if I had one)

Cut your lace a little bigger than the frame.

Nail down the two top (or bottom) corners of the lace onto the back of your frame- bust out your glue gun and run it along the edges under the lace.  Find something to use to push the lace down onto the glue so you don't burn your fingers.  Be sure to pull the lace so it's not slacking at ALL.  You want your lace to be tight so it can support your earrings.
Trim around the edges to get rid of that extra fabric.
And check it out- another frame to go with my necklaces frame.  I plan on putting them up on my wall somewhere (don't worry it'll look cute) when we finally end up moving.  I plan on having painted walls so I'm happy with the white frames but how cute would colored frames be!?  Anyway, for now, it'll rest on my dresser.  Totally beats the old earring older I've been using since 10th grade that I got from Claire's.  (;


[eeny] said…
This is adorable, Connie.
And so is your new header. =)
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Pia said…
Um, I am in love.
This is such a neat idea, I'll have to try this out!!
Anonymous said…
OH, this is really pretty, I am going to bookmark this for when I finally find an apartment!
Adrian said…
That is so the coolest thing ever!
Natalie said…
Just got done catching up on all the blog-stalking I've been horrible at. OMG YOU ARE THE CUTEST PREGGO LADY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A SWIMSUIT. Seeeeriously. Not cool.

Uhhhm GNO? When? Dying :)
Whitney said…
Um so cute. You are so creative.
Brea said…
super cute! I think I might copy you.... hahaha

oh and PS you + Prego= ADORABLE!!!!
Jessica said…
I think I have to go make that earring holder! My earrings are in a plastic bag...not so cute :)
The Clarks said…
This is darling! I need to make me one of these!
JMay said…
This is soooo awesome! I absolutely love it, very creative!!!
Lauren said…
Love. Headed to the craft store! Thanks for sharing. :)
Jess said…
Super-cute! I've been wanting to find an attractive way to display my jewelry...I think this might be it!
Bridget said…
that looks so good! and your blog is sooo lovely.

coconut oil... do it!
Benj and Jackie said…
SUCH a good idea! im definately trying this one out :)
Tunes & Spoons said…
UM, this is BRILLIANT! After babysitting today I am going home to try this! Really, brilliant idea and so beautiful!!
nichole said…
Hi, I lvoe your blog it is too cute!!

Thanks for the tutorial! I made this for my jewelry armoire and LOVE it!!

:)Happy day!