a road trip

3-13-10 (48)
Tony and I were able to escape this weekend to a far away land... you may have heard of it. Aside from the "sin city" side of Vegas, there is actually a lot to do there come to find out! Compared to last year's Vegas trip, we did a whole heck of a lot more stuff. T'was good times. *although I only brought my small camera and didn't get very good pictures!
3-12-10 (9)
3-12-10 (11)
3-12-10 (4)
We saw the fountain show at the Bellagio, had dinner there at the Buffet, and went shoppiiiiiingggg! I found the most adorable headband at Anthro that I just couldn't pass up. I batted my eyes, and Tony rolled his and *cha-ching it was mine.
3-12-10 (17)
love it. I wore it the next day lol.
3-12-10 (15)
We got tickets to see Blue Man Group a week in advance. It was way awesome. If anyone else has gone, what was your favorite part? Besides the insane drumming bizniss, I was loving the tp party at the end. Hilarious.
3-12-10 (21)
The next day we went to the aquarium.  It was fun doing something different this year..
3-13-10 (3)
3-13-10 (8)
3-13-10 (9)
3-13-10 (21)
For lunch we had big plans to go to Serendipity 3 but it was a year long wait so we ate somewhere else and later went to M&M WORLD! haha. 4 floors of insanely priced m&m's- I don't want to say how much we spent on a little bag for each of us.

3-13-10 (53)
And that was our little trip. It was great to come home to my little guy, wake him up at midnight so I could hug him. I said, "I love you" he whispered back, "I luh loo"


Anne said…
What a great lil escape! tell silas thats where I want to go on my anniversary! wow!
tHe ApPeLs said…
how fun! you look so cute in all the pics! and super cute headband!
Anonymous said…
u went to anthropologie (: so lucky...

You guys always have such fun. You're so cool.

My family used to road trip to Vegas quite a bit and I'm sure there was lots that we'd do, but the only thing I really remember are our outings to Circus Circus.
[eeny] said…
Looks like you had a fun weekend.
Cristin said…
Hi hi. I was totally in Vegas with my man this weekend too.

salena said…
Heeey...fancy that we were there too. at the exact same time. and got pictures in the exact same places! Were you guys stalking us? :)

We had lots of fun with you two!
Pia said…
That looks like such a fun trip!

I can't stop staring at the picture with the M&Ms!! Where exactly is that and how can I get there?!

Sara said…
I went to some of the same places you went 8 years ago (sigh)! Wasn't there a 3D movie at the m&m store? Glad you had fun!
Brittany said…
little trips are the best. you two are so cute!

and headband? so so beautiful!
MeganHowell said…
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m&ms! you're my kind of lady!
Im going in april! so excited. you will have to let me kow the cool places!
syd b. said…
Your weekend looked like a blast. I'm jealous you got to get away!
Whitney said…
what a fun getaway!! Cant wait to Presley gets a little older so we can start doing that again.
SloneFamily said…
Oh that sounds perfect! Love that you guys did the nice side of Vegas. Vegas intimidates me for that very reason--- but I forget that there is much more to it than smokey casinos, alcohol and gambling! Congrats to you two for having a fun weekend :)
Heather said…
Connie, that looks like so much fun. I have never been to Vegas before but it looks like there's a lot more than slot machines there :).
Amber Lee said…
How fun! That headband is to die for adorable!
Melly Mel said…
what a fun trip for you two to enjoy! You look super cute. I didn't know they had an aquarium. So glad you guys had a chance to get away!
Lauren said…
Um! HI! I live like right near Vegas. You need to tell me when you are coming again!!

Love your last post. Like father like son. SO cute! :)
Vanessa said…
Looks like a wonderful trip! & I love your little one "I luh loo" ADORABLE!
OH my gosh I loved the blue man group!! The Tp at the end is so awesome. I loved the twinkie part and the gum ball one where he caught tons in his mouth! Looks like you had a awesome time!!
☂niki. said…
how fun! love all the pics. the "i luh loo" just melts my heart.
☂niki. said…
ps. love the new button!
Dana said…
You're such a good blogger Connie!
"I luh loo." how sweet is that?!
Natalie said…
I loooove Vegas. And Blue Man Group is so great, isn't it? Did they TP the whole audience?