darling so it goes

I was out and about for hours hating every minute of the crowded outdoor mall- realizing I forgot my visa at home- and knowing poor Brody was exhausted and ready for his nap. (So was I).  So it was unbelievably delightful to come home and round the corner to this beautiful scene.
This picture strip was from Orlando, Florida almost 4 years ago!  Tony has kept it in his jeep since then.  I turned it over to find the most beautiful letter ever.  I love that man.
I dolled myself up and adorned my ears with some new studs Tony gifted to me...eeeee!
He also got me some camera stuff!  Woot! (I did stuff for him too but this post will be long enough :p)
At five fifteen on the dot he whisked me away for a romantic surprise.
He told me we were going to walk uphill- and be ready.  The night I met Tony we sat upon a hill over looking city lights.  The night he proposed we sat on a hill overlooking city lights. And that's what we did that night.  I love it.  He picked a hill so we could be by ourselves to enjoy the sunset.
We got up there and had a half hour before the sun went down.  I took pictures.  I still don't have my camera! (Soon.  Next week, if I'm lucky...the wait is slowly killing me).  But I do love my trusty powershot.  There was a round cement seat at the top- so we sat there cuddled in a blanket.  I was happy enough with that- and hearing all the beautiful things Tony said to me.  But I should've known that wasn't all...
Tony pulled out some bubbly (Martinelli's) and we toasted.  I copied him with my first part about "to eternity" and added, "and litters of children"  Tony hesitated at that last part. haha! so I changed it to "continued happiness".  Life is really wonderful as his wife.
I was very much pleased with that half hour atop that hill.  It kept getting better! and more time flew..  I was looking around at everything and when I looked back Tony was standing up asking me for this dance.  Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis was playing, then some Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, and Nat King Cole... I about died.  The beautiful sunset, the city lights... and being with Tony was just so special.
Then off we went to try out Tia Rosa.  It was an hour wait but worth it!  Did you happen to see me there?  I wouldn't be surprised.  About half of Mesa was there it seemed.
tia rosa1 (picture via Google ..crappy photo...I forgot to take a picture)
We went home and then fell asleep during a movie.
I absolutely love valentines day.. Tony knows this.. he always makes it special.
This little desert life has been good to me.  I'm so blessed.


Alexa Mae said…
are you serious? that is the most perfect evening ever. so adorable. (good job tony!) i LOVE watching the sunset over city lights. my all time favorite. great pictures lovie. i'm glad you got spoiled, you deserve it. love you, lots!
Unknown said…
what a romantic day! the pictures are just gorgeous!
wow. that is so sweet! what a great idea (go tony!)

i'm glad that you enjoyed your night. so fun!
Natalie said…
YAY I'm glad you finally experienced Tia Rosa's!! We were talking about that when we drove past it on our long drive on Friday, remember?? Heheheh

love you!
Amy said…
Awwwww sounds like an amazing day! :)
Melody said…
Yeah, it is neat when your man makes you feel special like that! Dad surprises me too at times! It was fun reading about your wonderful experiences there and watching you guys celebrate the two of you without winter coats and snow like Dad and I in DC! February 13 found Dad (and I a little)with snow shovel in hand digging out the church parking lot so we could hold sacrament on Sunday! I can't wait until we have a little warmth---need warmth---crave warmth! Again, beautiful post Connie
Jamie said…
Tony is most def a keeper! I wish I could say we did something like that but oh well! :) I had to work! yay for me! But...this weekend, we are actually going on a DATE! Which lately has been unheard of with the kids being everywhere! Ahhhh..it still won't top yours. :( I'm glad you had such an awesome time though! And i'm glad we're blog friends too! :)
amy said…
Awww, so sweet!!
Amanda Wissmann said…
OMG I COULD JUST CRY! What a beautiful story! Youve got a sweetie!
Cossebooms said…
Wow, what an amazing Valentine's day. That is such a fun date!
Ashton Dene' said…
I'm new to your blog, but what a beautiful valentine's day evening!

x, ash
Kristy Treible said…
What an awesome husband! You are so lucky! I love Tia Rosas!
ashley wright said…
What a seriously cute evening!! you both deserve it!
Annie said…
what a PERFECT valentine's day!!
i love all the photos!!
you and your man are flippin' adorable!!
We went to Tia Rosa's on Friday... We love that place!!!! soooo good! Looks like you guys had a great date, maybe Tony should give Dallin some tips on how to plan a date... haha Let's just say Dallin isn't the best date planner.
how sweet! And I love your pictures!
Lacey said…
So sweet:) It sounds like he did some wonderful planning to remind you how special you are to him.
salena said…
Wow, way to go Tony! That was sweet! And i'll have to try Tia Rosa's and see if its similar to my most favorite ever, Rosa's.

P.S you look hot in that lollipop picture. I love your skirt, too. :)
The Clarks said…
Ohh what a good hubby you have!! What a GREAT date!!
Tiffany Haynes said…
So romantic!! Mushy men are the best! They know just how to plan a very special evening.
Tony said…
mushy! hey now! haha
Jacque said…
you and tony are so cute!
Brittany said…
I totally forgot Tony proposed to you on a hill. And I sometimes think to myself how I need to try that Red White and Brew restaurant we went to that night too. That place was AMAZING! Your pics are so cute! Love them! And Tony, you are mushy but that's a good thing! haha
Mars said…
What a sweet husband you have. You are adorable! And um hi I LOVE Tia Rosas!