French Crepes, Ooh la la.

This post goes out to all 3 people who have tried a recipe of mine a time or two.  I like recipes... especially this one.  You will die.  These crepes are heaven on a fork.  Especially when a unnatural amount of berries and nutella are used.

Thanks mom for the speedy emailed recipe... sorry readers for the not-so-speedy recipe.  We enjoyed these this Christmas.. every Christmas really.  A favorite of ours- and now yours.  Oh- and this recipe is straight from a French lady my mom met- in France (i know, what are the odds)  So be. excited.

the Crepes!

The guidelines are this:

  For every person you are serving, mix together

  • one egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • and a pinch of salt.

easy peasy.

As for the salt:  if you are feeding 4 people, that should be about 1 teaspoon of salt (so 1/4 tsp. is a pinch, get it?  Of course you do).   For this recipe, is best if you mix it in a blender and leave it in the fridge overnight.  If you don't have a blender, just mix it and leave overnight, covered.  Mix or stir in the morning, and make in a crepe, or omelet sized pan.  Put 1/4 cup of batter in a Pam-sprayed-pan or use a little butter if you don't worry about the calories (I know I don't).  Cook (flip like you would pancakes) till it looks like the picture below.  Add fruit or whatever in, roll up and enjoy.  This recipe can also be used to make dinner crepes, if that's your thing.  *Some variations on this recipe is to add a little sugar and a little vanilla for a sweet crepe.*  Sounds delightful, does it not?!

[IMG_0482[4].jpg] you can see, I held back a tad on the nutella and berries on Christmas morning.  A tad might be an understatement.  Alright alright!  I am officially ashamed of that sad crepe picture.


Marci Darling said…
YUM! Can't wait to try this!
amy said…
Ooh, sounds delicious!
i think i shall try those. they look amazing! yum!
tHe ApPeLs said…
that looks delish!!
Mike and Alecia said…
LOVE crepes!! I will defintitely try these out. Oh and I loved your last post, your so funny with Brodie's binki. Really when the time is right for you, don't be as stressed about it as I was. It seriously was not nearly as bad as I pictured it. Do your self a favor though and make sure you really commit and throw ALL of them away. Good luck when your ready. Beleive me I put it off forever:)
Alexa Mae said…
making those asap...
seriously look so good!
Tony said…
i seriously ate like 10 on Christmas morning. So good!
Natalie said…
connie connie connie.
you are just so dandy.
i can't wait for our date.
oooh i am just overflowing with stories and things to talk about.
so stoked so stoked.

ps should model for me and my veronica. she's been deprived of photo-ops lately. i haven't had a day off in weeks :( and when i have, there hasn't been sunlight!
I have been looking for a crepe recepie! I bought Nutella and bananas... I'm really excited now.
Amanda Wissmann said…
Looks SO easy! Will have to try this for sure!

BTW check it out :)
Allison said…
Crepes are amazing. Just.... amazing.
Brea said…
I LOVE CREPES! We have them every christmas day! seriously my favorite.... do you not use the cream filling with yours though? if not, you HAVE to try it... it makes them that much yummier!
Suget said…
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Kristy Treible said…
Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try these! They are Fat Free right?!?!?!
Annie said…
oh my! these look delicious!!
i haven't had a crepes in years :(
Tracy said…
They look delicious. Me and Cody love strawberry nutella crepes!
Melody said…
Hey Connie, I was just reading these comments and want you to ask Brea for her creme filling recipe. I'm always good to try something new. Hence, the true French Crepe recipe in the first place! Love, Mother When you get it, you can post it on your recipe blog! Love, Mom
JMay said…
These look amazing. They sell Swedish panckes at Ikea that are sooo tasty too.


P.S. Um, kinda in love w/ your blog :-)