I said it before but I'll say it again: pack mule. Monday was different, I practically rolled out my sleeping bag at campus. That many hours at school should be outlawed.... but at least I had all the essentials to get me through it.Picture1 [I can explain the working mother... I think. Somehow it came to my mailbox and somehow had my name on it. Don't you have to pay for those, usually?]

Picture2Picture11 Biggest waste of a $1.50 if I ever saw one. That's all it came with! I got robbed.Picture4

As if my raisin jerky wasn't enough, I totally lost my iPod in the women's restroom while I was on the phone... wait... on the phone while.....--------????? Err..

Picture6 But I was wrong!! I put it away and freaked for nothing. Did you know brain cells die when you give birth? That's what they tell me anyway, and I believe them.

Then I sat. Busily editing away.


Then I was off to a photo shoot (pictures will be in your near future)

I was out late enough that picking up Barros on the way home was a must. It didn't work out.. neither did Papa Johns or Pizza Mart (did you know a large pepperoni is $3.50 at Pizza Mart, on Mondays?... apparently the rest of Mesa knew because there was a line out the door and down the sidewalk. No. thank you.)

Oh and...0 miles to empty.


Hour later and with no food, I went home hungry and grumpy. To my husband and son who were both hungry and grumpy.

And that was my Monday. I'm working on loving Mondays. When I break it down, they are usually not bad at all. Let us all love Mondays... are you with me people?! (heh)


Oh p.s. my Halloween costume is def not original, and not cool. Just so you know. Kind of like how 8 different girls wore the same dress as me to senior prom (it's true, I counted). In fact the more I look at it, the more I hate it. Just had to be said so no one is disappointed with the "big reveal". First of all, am I the only one who doesn't tell people what they are going to be? I thought everyone kept it secret. But anyway... There. There's my disclaimer. ha!


Unknown said…
i do sometimes love mondays. usually i waste them though. communication building vender's are the worst and i love the new mac computers at the computing commons. yay for school
SloneFamily said…
What a Day... I don't know how you do it! And I don't care if it is a myth or not but I will FULLY believe everyday of the week that brain cells die with childbirth! You have a great writing style... I am LOVING it!

*Tayler is sitting here with me and when I rolled over the jerky picture-- she goes "Poop in hand..." HA! That's how gross it looked :)
Busy Bee Lauren said…
Um. You rule at blogging! I loved this post :)

I want a MAC. Srsly.

Can't wait to see the photos!

I miss your face...are you coming tonight?

I cant wait to see your costume!
Lauren said…
What is with everyone and Mac's lately! I need to find out what the fuss is!
Love your disclaimer.. and your post. You make me laugh!
Devin & Ruthann said…
We have a Mac and I LOVE it! I mean seriously LOVE. Best purchase ever!
Signe said…
Your ipod incident reminds me of Austin when he was little-oh and I guess when he was older. First, he insisted on pacifiers while on the toilet. Then proceeded to drop them out of his mouth into you know where. That's how we got rid of the pacifier! Now he loses more expensive things in there like his phone! Ugh!!!
Brea said…
I think I would have failed that test. I don't even know what m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, TT or any of the others mean! CRAP now I need to go brush up on my theory!
Melody said…
You do rule at blogging! As you know I have indefinately taken my blog off the market (the DisneyWorld blog that is) due to technical difficulties and hurt feelings (I believe that counts as a technical difficulty). Anywho, I just wanted to say that I totally love all your blogs and as for the costume---original or not, YOU make it look original and you made it by hand no less, so please, wear it proud and loud! Love, Mother
MeganHowell said…
mondays are a joke, but hey, at least you have a cute purse! HOLLAAAA!!!

ps i gave you my number so we could become texting bffs too and i havent heard from you! i feel stood up in a weird cyber space way! i will blame it on our mutual distain for all things monday! ;)
ConnieB said…
It's those Mac vs. PC. commercials. They totally sold me

Ps Megan... I'm glad we settled that :p