eLLe Oh Vee Eee.

Well past midnight; exhausted, I shut my eyes... smiling, over my perfect day.

12am:  The day had to come to a close, as it always does.  We decided the movie = lame. However, it became a tad less lame when we found out Mana Butt worked on it.  Saweeet. 

8-12am: We dashed around town like a couple of giddy high school kids headed to prom.  Dinner and a movie.  My favorite.

Everyone was there including

Picture4Picture11(oh yeah.. that's my favorite candy.  Surprised you didn't know)

7:00pm- Dinner was good, too.  I've never tried Carrabba's; I was boycotting it for a while since they didn't hire me years and years ago (after I told them I didn't work on Sundays).  It was good, though.

5:00 pm- I felt like it was my first date with the guy.  I couldn't figure out what to wear!!

10-12-09 our 3 year anniversary! (22)

The afternoon- went fast.  Thanks to an online exam I had to take... twice.  (Do not purchase Cricket wireless internet.  It suuux)Picture12

2:45pm- I give good gifts too... a handmade set of sunglasses! I turned around, put them on, and turned back around with a cheesy grin.  He laughed, my plan worked. (that was an I.O.U. The last time I picked out sunglasses they weren't his absolute fav.)  He got a couple other random things I know he likes.  Including...

10-14-09 (3)

In case you are needing a new album to get you through this frigid 90-degree fall, cuddle up with this one.  It is my favorite thing at the moment.  For a few reasons: he sings about Seattle, fireflies, and going to the dentist.  Doesn't get any more awesome than that.  Just buy ($9.99 at Best Buy) and listen.  Fall in love as we have.

10-14-09 (4)

In 2:40pm- My husband gives the best gifts!  He just knows me really well.

10-12-09 our 3 year anniversary! (23)10-12-09 our 3 year anniversary! (26)

2:29pm- I head to the computer room... as I usually do after class.  Tony knows this.  He had my gift waiting.  I had to laugh.  I also couldn't stop smiling about what Tony said.

10-12-09 our 3 year anniversary! (31) 2:27pm- Tony writes: "We'll be together forever."

Somewhere around 2:25pm- I got home from class.  To find Tony waiting with a precious card and a handsome smile.  AND the laundry being folded.

10-12-09 our 3 year anniversary!

All morning long- class, piano and more piano.  And ear training and sight singing.  Fun fun fun.

7:30am- A kiss, a good morning, and a "I love you, beautiful."



Busy Bee Lauren said…
Happy Anniversary lovely girl! Such a happy post!
Briana said…
Love this post. I also just celebrated my 3 year anniversary. On Tuesday that is.

I hope you had a great day. I wish you many more fabulous years to come.
The Clarks said…
Happy Anniversary! What a fun day!
Melody said…
This is a cool post and I am proud of you for coming up with such a cool title and myself for figuring out what it meant---L O V E spells LOVE! Isn't Love great! Especially when you concentrate on it, you suddenly remember all the wonderfulness that defines you two--at least that is what I discover when I concentrate on Love with your father. Now it is time for me to try and fix my post so I can post it, but when Dad comes home, it is datenight, so I may not get done until tomorrow, but I will try! I love you! Love, Mother
Natalie said…
okay hi you're my new favorite couple.

one day when i'm cute and married i'mma call you for cuteness advice.

"connie..uhh..make me be cute okay?"

giirl you laugh. i'm serious.

Alexandria said…
Happy anniversary! This post is too adorable!

Might I just add those sunglasses kick some serious boo-tay!
Owl City is also my new fav! Especially the Seattle one. And Dental Care.
Unknown said…
just lovely! i am so happy for you! :)
yee Haw said…
Congrats! Happy Anniverary.
MeganHowell said…
bestie! hey hey! happy 3 years!!! i wish i could have been there to celebrate with you (hahaha not im DEFINITELY turning creepy blog stalker...) maybe someday we will meet in real life! ps what movie did you see that was lame???

Jamie said…
Awww...Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! And thanks for the sweet blog comment! Your blog is always cute too! :)
SloneFamily said…
What a fun time! You are too cute :)
Devin & Ruthann said…
Bought the music. <3 it!
The Clarks said…
Happy Anniversary! Thats great. 3 years and still in L-O-V-E :)
Lauren said…
Oh that cactus in your toe looks soooo painful!!
Anywho, happy anniversary! Love your posts :)
Brea said…
Woo-hoo! 3 years and counting huh?!? Happy Anniversary! What a good hubby! :)
ashley wright said…
happy day!!!! :) you guys are the cutest!
Whitney said…
woohoo!!! congrats. Doesnt time fly?
salena said…
I think I heard that fireflies song on the radio..I like!

This was such a cool anniversary post. Happy 3!
Tiffany Haynes said…
I just love anniversaries. Glad you had a good one.
Lindsay Shreeve said…
Yay for 3 years!!!!
Kate said…
Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful occasion. Really cool post, too.
happy anniversary!

you are too cute!

Unknown said…
regarding the snuggie: when you are laying down, they cover your feet. i have found walking around in them is not really the most ideal thing to do. they are so long! but they sure are warm and cozy. the best part is using my hands...no more dinosaur arms!
Melly Mel said…
Probably the best anniversary post I've ever seen. LOVED it.
How do you write on the photos?
Anonymous said…
Connie, you are so beautiful. And you have so many friends! It's nice to see so many people following your blog! Love, DADDY