Some old and new... news.

We’re not in Kansas Arizona anymore. And a lot has happened! So let me fill you in on the
latest adventures with the B family.
Backing up, while my mom was still in town we got some pictures. They are way old news so I don’t care to explain them… but enjoy (:
Friday 4-10-09 mom visits (13)
Here are a few pictures of the Easter egg hunt our ward had. It was the only rainy day for a long time, which made things interesting, but it was cute to see Brody go for some eggs.
Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (8) Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (12)
Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (11)
Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (4) Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (13)
Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (53)
Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (68) Saturday 4-11-09, mom visits (55)
Brody on his first Easter
easter! 4-12-09 (3)
easter! 4-12-09 (34)
As the saying goes, work after play so we had lots to do. Packing. Moving. I dread moving. I like living in new places and changing things up though. Minus the, bruise every limb-while-hauling-boxes-bigger-than-me-around-the-country, part.
But we were able to make a party of it… even though we slept on the hard floor for two nights.
We rented “Bride Wars” and watched that on the floor!
As for the 2 day trek here? No joke, every stop we made we discovered Brody's diaper leaked. And BAD. So here he is pantless. I ran out of clothes very quickly. I figured 5 outfits for 2 days was plenty. Not so much. haha!
IMG_1172 IMG_1171
And I have some glorious news for you. SO at this awesomely random gas
station in the middle of nowhere, I went in to buy me some Sour Patch Kids. I was DEAD tired the whole drive and since we drove both cars out, that meant no sleep for me. So rather than nodding off into a center divider, I decided chewing on my favorite fat free candy was the next best thing.
Low and behold, right there next to Tony’s snickers was…smoreshersheys !!!!!
I was ecstatic! I came running out with 4 in hand like a crazy person, Tony thought I won something. Well if you remember ThiS…and tHiS you’ll know it was a great day.
Now of course… they have been out of circulation for who knows how long. SO they weren’t really the best. I kinda guessed that after dusting it off that they’d been sitting there for a while… but… no. I ate them all and enjoyed every bite!
Moving along… now we are here. And things are good. We got the internet! We had it before but decided we never used it. That was before I blogged! And we were going to get it but my computer bummed out on us… ugh. You can’t know how happy I am to not have to drive to a library and sit around waiting for an open computer, just to check my email really fast! So right away, I was sitting in the KFC drive thru blogging! ha ha!
And I caught Tony taking a picture of this:
I guess I gross him out. But he got a horrible angle so I took a new one. Anyway, he says I made a mess of the bathroom. But really, it’s because church is super early and I didn’t have any time… I was rushed! Ok, actually church is at 1pm. Oh well.
Arizona DRY heat, I miss
you! It has not stopped raining since I’ve been here. If it has, I wasn’t outside…
because I’ve been cold, wet, and frizzy this whole time. I’m sure the summer humidity won’t help when that comes either… great.
What else does Oklahoma have?
Apparently, these little creatures. I’m not sure what they are. Some kind of evil bat dog cat fiend. I had an encounter last night, actually. How freaky would this be at night? And SEE! Out comes more animals! Those dumpsters are infested!
There I was, walking in the cold and wet, down the dark freaky parking lot. I was starting to freak myself out by thinking horrible things like someone was going to abduct me, or something. And while I’m thinking about all this, one of those things lunges out of the dumpster at full speed, squawking some kind of frightening noise at me! I FREAKED OUT! I don’t think I have ever screamed so loud. And just as I gain my composure, another one lunges towards me! Of course, it’s just my luck to be attacked by some rabid wild animal. TWO, in fact.
Naturally, they ran off and didn’t even touch me. But I definitely had the closest thing to a heart attack last night after that crazy incident.


Busy Bee Lauren said…
Oh my gosh. You crack me up! I am so glad you got there safely and that you found your precious Smores bars! And that you miss Arizona, so that I know you will come back to me.

true story...the other night I said, "I really like Connie...I am sad she is moving away from me"...followed by a sad face.
Sara said…
I am totally with you for the smores candy bars! My absolute favorite. Dale says that I was the only one that ate them and that is why they disappeared off the shelves! I hope things get better and that you don't get abducted or eaten by wild creatures!
salena said…
I could go for cold right now..but I defintely dont envy you that humidity! My hair is a frizzy puffy mess in that weather! There's no point in even straightening it.

I love the picture of you and Brody in the rain with your cute umbrella:)
Oh, and I'm loving the new look on your blog!
Melody said…
Connie, What an awesome post! I loved seeing the old pics of ancient news from last month and WOW, what an adventure you are having in Oklahoma! Now that you know those crazy creatures exist, now you will be able to protect yourselves from those by staying away from trash cans and little alley ways! I too am glad you found the SMore's bar---just one question, did you get me one for Mother's day? Love, Mother
Anne said…
Sissy, you are hilarious! It was really nice to see the update of how you guys have been, and it looks like you have a cute new place and are doing well. I love you. oh and I remember that post of the smores bar; congradulations!!
JED said…
Connie, you were attacked by chupacabras! It had to be. Alright, it probably wasn't chupacabras, but the story was funny. I loved the pictures too, you were so beautiful in them, but then my Connie always was beautiful. I am truly sorry about your beautiful hair in OK. Now you know it runs in the family. I am glad you posted the pictures too because I did not get to see them and since I was not there, I enjoy seeing Brody, you, and Tony. I hope I can come out to OK to see you guys, but it looks like I will not be able to do that until September or later. :(
Lecia said…
Keep posting lots of pictures, we miss you guys!
Tisdale Family said…
Glad you made it safe! How exciting about the smores bars I love those things so I would have been as excited as you! :)
Nancy Face said…
OH MY GOODNESS! So much to love in this post! You look so beautiful in the pictures! Great Easter pictures of Brody! Your "floor bed" and TV crack me up...who could possibly need anything more? Tee hee! :)

How nice of someone to put mattresses by the dumpsters for the homeless people and the evil bat dog cat fiends! ;)