Third times a charm?

This makes blog number 3 that I've made. The other two were made a bit reluctantly and I'm still not sure how long this one will last... but, we'll give it a whirl. As of right now I have no faithful readers... so I'm not sure what to include in this post. I guess I'll recap the last little while so all will know what's been going on with us. To start, Tony and I had a baby in March this year. He is the most adorable, loving, sweet bouncy baby boy I've ever seen and he's all MINE! I'm a very proud parent, as is Tony, and we can't get enough of his cuteness. He's now 4 months and just the other day we found him completely rolled over. So we're getting more and more excited for all his new developments to come.

On to other news, my dad is back safe and sound from his year tour in Iraq with the National Guard. I coundn't believe when he said he was going there- and we prayed every night for him to be OK. Glad that worry is over! My lil' brother Mike is also home from his Texas spanish-speaking mission! He did great! Since he's been back I've seen him numerous times and I'm so glad. I sure did miss that boy. And in two weeks my littlest brother Perris is leaving for his mission to Spain. I think it's funny all of the men in my family had/have to learn pretty much the same language on their missions. Anyway, because of all the recent arrivals and departures I've made a couple trips so far this summer that I'll have to post pictures of. Alas, that is another post for another day.


Brittany said…
keep the posts coming!!! haha!
ConnieB said…
Brittany, you're going to have to add my email to your list so I can see yours!